[Breaking] Riona Igusa Announces Her Graduation from palet

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[Breaking] Riona Igusa Announces Her Graduation from palet

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On November 24th, Riona Igusa announced her graduation from palet at the end of 2016 during palet’s regular live concert “palet Thursday Night” held at AKIBA Cultures Theatre.


At the live concert, they performed all the songs from singles released after their major debut. She will graduate from palet at their solo concert to be scheduled on December 24th, “palet LIVE 2016 ~NEXT DIMENSION~” at Shinjuku BLAZE. After the graduation, she mentioned she would like to work on fashion jobs and modeling.


Comment from Riona Igusa
I, Riona Igusa will graduate from palet at the live concert to be held on December 24th. Since 4 and a half years passed after palet was formed, all the activities about palet was the priority than schools. Being a member of palet has been a part of my life, as I have been meeting palet’s members more often than classmates.

Since I decided my graduation, I became to think about what I want to do in the future. I have been interested in fashion industry and belonged an agency before, and I realized that dream hasn’t changed. That’s why I decided to graduate. I love idols since my elementary school time and never expected I would be the one, so everything was new in the beginning.

I got a lot of supports from staff, members, and fans who have cheered me up, and become able to be me I am now. I was not sure if I can continue being idol or not in the beginning, but I could overcome the thought seeing my fans saying “It was fun”. I tried my best to be my fans’ proud “oshi”. Only few days left until December 24th, but I will definitely do my best to show better performance at the concert.


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