7000 People Make Long Line for Kalafina at Japan Expo in Paris!

7000 People Make Long Line for Kalafina at Japan Expo in Paris!

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Kalafina, who has announced having 2-days live concert in Nihon-Budokan just before, performed in Japan Expo in Paris on July 6th.

日本武道館ワンマン2days公演を発表したばかりのKalafinaが7月6日、フランス・パリ開催で開催された「Japan Expo」へ出演した。

Kalafina succeeded in having first performance at such popular event as Japan Expo. They have been expanding their field global which is an exceptional compared to other anime songs; performed 16 concerts in 8 countries, released CD in 14 countries, and providing their songs to 25 countries on iTunes.
Releasing of next new full-album in near at hand, they performed at Japan Expo as representation of anime songs singer in Japan.


On the day of their concert in Japan Expo, there was almost 7,000 people and making a long line, exceeding the capacity of 5,000 people for the venue. So, about 2000 people could not enter the venue but it gathered attention.


They performed hit songs such one after another ; “Kimi no Gin no Niwa” “Hikarifuru” “Magia” from world-famous anime “Puella Magi Madoka Magica”, and “to the beginning” for the opening song of 2nd series “Fate/Zero”. They overwhelmed the audience with impressive performance.

ステージは現在世界的にブームを巻き起こしているアニメ『魔法少女まどか☆マギカ』のタイアップ曲「君の銀の庭」「ひかりふる」「Magia」や、『Fate/Zero』2ndシーズンのオープニングテーマ「to the beginning」などヒット曲を連発、圧巻のボーカルパフォーマンスを披露した。

There was a scene like when “Do you understand any Japanese?”, the audience answered “Yes, I do!” immediately in Japanese. When they talked to the audience in French “Are you having fun?”, it seemed that people got more and more excited. The thunderous applause did not die down for some time react to Kalafina’ message “Performing in France had been our dream but it came true. We’re so glad”, and they seemd to be deeply moved.

「みなさん、日本語わかりますか?」とのMCには、「わかるよ~!」と観客が一斉に即答する場面も。また、フランス語での「ヴゥザヴェ エメ? 楽しんでる?」の問いかけに会場の熱気は高まるばかり。「私達はフランスでライブをするのが夢でした。本当に嬉しい」と語ると、拍手の嵐がいつまでも鳴り止まず、メンバーが感極まる場面も見られた。

Lastly they sang “spriter” and performed 8 songs in total, and it got livery as in Japan though it was first concert abroad. It can be said that this proved that Kalafina is not just a domestic artist anymore.


They will release first full album named “ THE BEST “Red”/”Blue” “(there are 2 types as Red and Blue for the album). Kalafina’s chorus work will be gathering people’s attention more and more.

Kalafinaは7月16日に初のベストアルバム『THE BEST “Red” / ”Blue”』を2枚同時に発売する。3人が織りなすコーラスワークにますます注目が集まりそうだ。

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