Get Your Questions Answered by Kalafina at Our Global TV Program on NHK World!

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Get Your Questions Answered by Kalafina at Our Global TV Program on NHK World!

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We have been broadcasting our TV program Tokyo Girls’ Update TV on NHK World/jibtv and each month we have guest artist! Then, the guest for the next program is Kalafina!

Kalafina consists of three vocals, Wakana, Keiko, and Hikaru. They are singing for various anime tie-in songs, for example, “Magia” for ED theme song of “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” and the most recent one will be “far on the water” for ED theme song of “Rekishi Hiwa Historia“. 

They also perform overseas many times and the next destination is Mexico, in February 20th, 2016!  Let’s ask them about their songs, activities, favorite things….any questions will be welcomed!


The program will be on air on January 15th (Friday), so save the date for it!  You can check what time it will be aired in your country here.

So, please send what you wan to ask to them! If your questions are selected, they will answer the questions during the program!

Please fill in the mandatory forms below and write questions to Kalafina
*The deadline is : November 30th, 23:59(JST)
*Multiple answers are allowed, but it doesn’t mean high winning rate.
*Please write in English and we will translate it into Japanese. Messages are welcomed as well!
*Attach the picture of YOU. It will be aired if selected.

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