Japari Park Comes to Odaiba! Dōbutsu Biscuits and PPP (Kemono Friends) Release Event Report

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Japari Park Comes to Odaiba! Dōbutsu Biscuits and PPP (Kemono Friends) Release Event Report

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Dōbutsu Biscuits and PPP from the popular anime Kemono Friends entertained thousands at Odaiba Diver City Tokyo Plaza on June 24, 2017 during a release event for their Drama&Character Song CD “Japari Café” (release date: June 7)!

The event featured the voice actresses from the anime performing a mini live: Serval (Yuka Ozaki), Fennec (Kana Motomiya), Raccoon(Saki Ono) as the unit “Dōbutsu Biscuits” and Penguin Idol Unit “PPP – Pepapu” members Royal Penguin (Mikoi Sasaki), Emperor Penguin(Ruka Nemoto), Gentoo Penguin (Kyoka Tamura), Rockhopper Penguin (Aina Aiba), Humboldt Penguin (Ikuko Chikuta).


Sasaki began the event cheerfully, joking, “Odaiba Chiho (Odaiba Area) is my territory!”, and exclaiming, “Wow! There’s a lot of people here! How unusual. For this many people to be here, Arai-san must be the popular one at the park.”, before introducing the rest of the members of Dōbutsu Biscuits: Ozaki, Motomiya, and Ono.

PPP appeared next, introducing themselves with a “We five are PPP! “, making the audience laugh as their disorganized behavior mimicked those of their anime characters.

After introducing themselves, the members shared their thoughts on the album “Japari Café”. Sasaki shared that she cried upon hearing “Kemono Parade”, a song which she got to sing with Aya Uchida, who plays the main character of the series “Kaban”. Upon asking the audience if there was anyone who had a similar experience, many hands immediately were raised.

In addition to the contents of the Soundtrack CD, the members recalled their struggles to learn the choreography for their June 18th stage production “Kemono Friends”.

Aiba kicked off the performance segment of the day with a shout, “Everyone let’s get excited!” with PPP performing “Sky Dreamer”, charming the fans with their cute penguin-like dance movements.


The second song “Hop Step Friends” by Dōbutsu Biscuits was highlighted by the bright smiles of the trio which proved to be infectious as the fans couldn’t help but smile back at their cuteness.


All 8 members joined together to perform the opening theme song for the anime “Welcome to Japari Park”, an immediate reaction coming from the fans coming as soon as the horns of the intro began to play, several loud responses bursting out as Dōbutsu Biscuits and PPP did their “U-gao” animal calls.

Ozaki closed out the event asking the fans to keep supporting them as that there are still many more exciting Kemono Friends projects in the works.

Set List

01 Sky Dreamer
02 Hop Step Friends
03 Welcome to Japari Park

Kemono Friends LIVE
September 16, 2017 (Saturday)
Open – 1:00pm Start – 2:00pm
Open – 5:30pm Start – 6:30pm
Toyosu PIT (Tokyo)
Aya Uchida, Yuka Ozaki, Kana Motomiya, Saki Ono, Mikoi Sasaki, Ruka Nemoto, Kyoka Tamura, Aina Aiba, Ikuko Chikuta

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