Want to Get a Taste of Being Part of Tokyo’s Mafia?! Shooting Bar EA Offers Both Drinks and Shooting Fun!

Want to Get a Taste of Being Part of Tokyo’s Mafia?! Shooting Bar EA Offers Both Drinks and Shooting Fun!
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In Kichijoji, the most popular place to live in Tokyo, there’s an establishment where you can get your fill of burgers and trip to the shooting range, called Shooting Bar EA (pronounced eh-ah). Immediately upon opening the bar door on the second floor, you’ll be surrounded by bulletproof glass as a real life shooting range, up to 10 meters in length, jumps into view. Equipped with three lanes, this shooting range almost feels like it’s a part of a hideout of some secret organization. Even in just a quick glance, there’s no mistaking that it’s an actual shooting range, and next to it, sits a bar counter and sofa. With a variety of model guns lined up against the counter, you get the feeling that you’re now in a gun fanatic’s world.


While drinks are a given at Shooting Bar EA, here you can also enjoy shooting air guns. Contrary to its gun fanatic atmosphere, it seems like it’s also a popular spot for young ladies. Every now and then you might hear the words “sabage girl” (a girl who into survival games), and there’s more than a few ladies that like to drop in to Shooting Bar EA on their way home to fire off some of their stress at work.

Compared to other countries, Japan isn’t as familiar with firearms. However, as far as action games go, it’s produced a number of worldwide hits, like the Biohazard (Resident Evil) and Metal Gear Solid series. For this reason, fans can’t get enough of this bar, where they can hold the same weapon models that appear in these games in their own hands. For those that aren’t exactly knowledgeable about different types of firearms, each model has been carefully tagged with the game it appears in and which character uses it, so if you’re at a loss at which one to choose, we recommend selecting whichever model is the same as your favorite character’s. Pikarin remarked excitedly, “This is the same gun that Snake (from Metal Gear Solid) carries!”



After entering the bar, there are a few things required before the real fun begins. First, customers are required to make a members card, and for their own personal safety, review and sign a basic rules and policies agreement form. Even air guns can be dangerous if used incorrectly, so only acceptable forms of play are allowed. After signing the agreement form, the girls put on goggles and head over to the range. If you don’t have your own pair, the bar will provide one for you. Play prices are 500 yen for three or four handgun magazines (about 70 shots). Each magazine after costs 100 yen. Rifle magazines cost 500 yen for two (about 150 shots), and 200 yen for each additional magazine after that. (A separate 500 yen fee is also required.)



Kurumi Nakada, Pikarin (Hikari Shiina), and Ai Matsumoto each picked out their own air gun, and then they were off to the range. Even though all three were beginners, with their guns in hand they all looked like professional snipers. Bar staff members were there to kindly guide them, making it a safe and enjoyable experience for all.

Even the drinks lined up at the bar have gun fanatic-like names. One cocktail is called the Thompson, for instance. This drink was used in the movie The Godfather, in memorable scenes like the one where Don Corleone’s oldest son was shot. Using The Godfather cocktail as a base, it’s prepared using Four Roses whiskey, giving it a highly palatable flavor. Just reading over the list of original cocktail names on their menu and the stories behind them are equally entertaining.




Shooting Bar EA is a place where you can get a taste of what it would be like to be part of Tokyo’s mafia. Although it may seem like a rather extreme place at first, thanks to how safely the establishment is run this hideaway offers visitors a good time that they’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

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Shooting Bar EA
Address : Sawada Building 2F,1-5-5,Gotenyama,Musashino-shi,Tokyo
Nearest Station : Kichijoji
TEL : 03-5925-8832



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