Japanese Conbini: An Oasis of Affordable Tasty Treats!

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Japanese Conbini: An Oasis of Affordable Tasty Treats!

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Conbini (convenience stores) in Japan are probably some of the best places you can go to as they provide a lot more food for you to stop at and buy.

Although there is more food and drinks that can be recommended, these ones are a must try for anyone coming to Japan and unsure of the many flavours of Japanese conbini treats. Coming from Sunkus, Lawson, 7-Eleven and Family Mart, you can have these as recommended options!


Gyuudon Bento (Lawson):


There is a range of bento that you can purchase and you’d be surprised what you can find! The Gyuudon (Beef Bowl) bento is a recommendation among many for people who are not sure of the many bento selections that you have. The beef is sliced thinly and for people who don’t want to try anything too unusual, having this rice and beef bowl might be enough for you.

L Chiki Red (Lawson):


Lawson’s L Chiki Red is something worth tasting. It’s probably one of the best variety of chicken throughout all of the conbini. Although it’s a bit spicy for a Japanese person’s standard, the taste can differ depending on a person’s spice tolerance level.

Dars White (Lawson):


If you are from the UK, think of the Milkybar as the closest thing to this delicious piece of chocolate. Dars comes in other flavours such as milk and dark but the best one has to be the white chocolate flavour. Although it comes in small pieces, it is easy to share with friends but it will also leave you wanting more.

Karaage (7-Eleven):


Karaage is a popular item that started out at 7-Eleven but, it gradually spread to the other conbini. This karaage stick has to be one of the best things you need to try. It’s crispy, fresh and addictive!

Fanta Melon (7-Eleven):


Fanta always provides a range of flavours: there is grape, apple and pear to name a few. Even if you’re not a fan of melon, this will be one of your favourite drinks guaranteed! The melon flavour beats all the ones you`ve ever tried before! Who knows how long this flavour will be in 7-Eleven for? Try it before you lose the chance!

Van Houten Cocoa (Sunkus):


Another great on-the-go hot drinks that the conbini provides is Van Houten Cocoa. While it is one of the cheaper hot chocolates to buy, it is worth having especially for the winter. It is also available to purchase at certain vending machines too.

Hot Lemon (Sunkus):


The great thing about the Japanese conbini is that they offer on-the-go hot drinks for you to pick up from late October to the end of Winter. It may seem a bit sweet for people wanting a sour taste but this hot lemon drink is always so good if you have a sore throat.

Vanilla Roll (Family Mart/Sunkus):


It’s a creamy vanilla roll that is available in Sunkus and is apart of the Family Mart store collection. Sunkus manage to do fresh baked goods just right and you can tell from this vanilla roll as an example. Think it`s too bland? Put your favourite peanut butter, jam or chocolate spread on it if anything.

Hamburger Onigiri (Family Mart):


Onigiri ranges in all of the conbini from omurice (omelette rice) style to having prawn katsu in the middle of it. Out of the range, hamburger steak (or grilled meat ) onigiri stands out. The sauce in the middle of the hamburger and rice brings an interesting taste to the onigiri.


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