6 Restaurants to Get Affordable and Convenient Japanese Food!

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6 Restaurants to Get Affordable and Convenient Japanese Food!

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Sushi, ramen, okonomiyaki…Japan has so much tempting and delicious food but, sometimes it can get expensive! As a result, many people end up going to places like McDonalds, Lotteria, and KFC.

On a budget, it can be quite a struggle to find good quality food but, there are many options! Luckily, most of these places have multilingual menus for foreign customers. Consider this your to-do list on eating at Japan’s afforable and convenient restaurants!



Beef bowls also known as gyūdon are quick and easy dishes you can enjoy just about anywhere in Japan. It consists of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mild sweet sauce. Most Yoshinoya branches are open 24 hours. A single beef bowl starts at ¥380 and a set meal starts at ¥650. For more recommendations, there is also Matsuya as another option to get good beef bowls.



If you want a good place for Chinese style ramen, dumplings and other set meals, Hidakaya is really good. During the evening hours, they welcome business customers with beer and snack plates similar to an izakaya but with more reasonable prices. The portions may not look big but trust us, it’s filling! It’s very affordable as Hidakaya offers ramen from as low as ¥390 and set meals starting at ¥550. 



Yayoi is a bit pricer than most of the recommendations in this article as it specialises in providing set meals with fish, donburi, bento and udon. Yayoi provides these meals with rice and miso soup. The set meals start from ¥‎630 to ¥‎750 but not to worry, you can make your choice via ticket vending machines.



The speciality of Nakau is udon, soba and gyūdon. There is a choice of having a small or normal size bowl depending on your appetite. A small bowl is priced at ¥‎290 while a normal sized bowl is from ¥‎490 to ¥‎590. Nakau would be a good recommendation if you want a quick meal to eat while on your lunch break and like Yayoi, you pay with a ticket from a vending machine.

Coco Ichibanya


This curry house is famous for its quick but high quality curry rice that is served in minutes. Don’t want curry? There are salads prices at less than ¥‎500 yen! Some of the cheapest curries you can purchase are from ¥‎480 to ¥‎710 without meat or fish included. It does differ depending on the spiciness level and rice portion you choose but less than ¥‎750? It’s possible! 



Much like Yoshinoya, Sukiya is another popular beef bowl place to go to that’s open 24 hours. There are over 1,800 restaurants all over Asia and even South America. Sukiya provides the same but the prices from this place are much cheaper. The sizes of bowls range from mini to mega where the cheapest beef bowl you can get is ¥‎290 for a mini size and ¥‎730 for a mega size but it does depend on what beef bowl you want. They also provide set meals from ¥‎530.

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