The TV program “ESPRIT JAPON” is rediscovering the charm of Japan. Covering all kinds of themes such as things, places and people, but this time the theme is fashion.

With “Kawaii” fashion, Tokyo’s fashion is unique and constantly changing. Tokyo Fashion Week was held at the end of October 2016, and many domestic and foreign media and buyers visited.

Two people who came to Japan for the Tokyo Fashion Week are editors of Italy ‘GQ’ Noah Johnson and editor of Italy ‘VOGUE’ Sarah Maino. In order to introduce the transmission place of youth fashion, Harajuku, three members of Nogizaka 46: Reika Sakurai, Nanase Nishino, Asuka Saito attended on behalf of young Japanese people!

Nogizaka46 Introduce Youth Fashion in Harajuku/乃木坂46が紹介する原宿の若者ファッション

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Go through Harajuku’s main street Takeshita street and go visit street fashion in Harajuku. When passing through Takeshita-street, there are many people who show their individual fashion even more in Harajuku, and stand side by side the edgy shops. Sarah and Noah commented that Harajuku’s fashion with Tokyo’s fashion is always changing and unique. The two people parted here.


The three members of Nogizaka 46 headed for the next brand WEGO which gathers a tremendous support from teens. This time, they visited the WEGO TOKYO Harajuku store alongside the distant Meiji.

nogizaka46-esprit-japon-12 nogizaka46-esprit-japon-09nogizaka46-esprit-japon-10

It incorporates state-of-the-art trends and is reasonable! Although WEGO is popular, it seems to be a popular secret that there are many patterns and colors still in development. The reason is because we can co-ordinate with our friends “Nikoichi Fashion”! Nikoichi means “two in one” fashion and matching with your friends. It seems that young people are expressing a good relationship with fashion like this. Outside the shop, they also met two girls who are doing Nikoichi fashion.

nogizaka46-esprit-japon-07nogizaka46-esprit-japon-11 nogizaka46-esprit-japon-08 nogizaka46-esprit-japon-13

Nogizaka46 and Japanese Seifuku Culture / 乃木坂46と日本の制服カルチャー

Then the next to visit was the uniform shop “CONOMi“. Speaking of Nogizaka 46, they have uniform-style costumes that are impressive. There are different types of uniforms for each song and stage, all of which are attractive items with goods.


Now it is not just students wearing uniform-style costumes, it has also become a Japanese fashion icon. A stream of images of girls in uniforms appeared at the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games.

However, some people think that “Uniforms are originally designed for schools, why do uniform shops exist?” Among girl students, it is commonplace to arrange some or all of the school-designated uniforms and enjoy your favorite uniform fashion! (* It depends on the school)


CONOMi has more than 300 original uniforms from accessories such as ribbons and neckties to skirts and blazers. In other words, if you go to CONOMi you will be able to complete a fashionable uniform! Even during shooting, high school girl students and visitors from foreign countries who came to buy school uniform items were also visiting.

nogizaka46-esprit-japon-20 nogizaka46-esprit-japon-24

When looking inside the CONOMi store, Mr. Hiromitsu Yonemura who produces and styles a lot of uniform clothes of Nogizaka 46 appeared. He is a professional person in fashionable uniform.


Although he talked about different uniforms ‘prejudice for each song, he often seemed to incorporate the members’ opinions into the design. It is different from the school uniform of an ordinary school, but it was not a cosplay uniform, he only talked about the feelings of Nogizaka46 for uniform clothes which is not common.


By the way everyone, do you not notice something when the members of Nogizaka 46 were lined up in uniform? Something is unified and beautiful. …… Actually, the Nogizaka46 skirts are designed so that the length from the floor to the hem is the same! Each person’s height is different, but when you line them up in one row, you see it in the street. It is a straight line. This linear beauty may also lead to a sense of unity for the image of the group.


Nogizaka 46 and uniforms, Nikoichi fashion, and also Harajuku’s street fashion. Everything is indispensable for talking about the current Tokyo fashion. The speed of Tokyo’s fashion trend changes much faster than that of any other country. What kind of fashion will be born next? We are looking forward to the future of Tokyo fashion.



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Photos by Mayuko Yamaguchi


Been working in girls’ fashion magazines for a long time and am now the chief editor of Tokyo Girls’ Update. I have more expertise in Japanese teen fashion than anyone else (probably)! I’m a huge fan of the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bakemonogatari animes.

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