AKB48, Matsui Jurina for Janken Queen / solo center first time!

AKB48, Matsui Jurina for Janken Queen / solo center first time!


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AKB48, on September 18, in Tokyo, Nippon Budokan, held “AKB48 34th single selection tournament of Rock Paper Scissors“. Matsui Jurina, a member of SKE48 Team S and AKB48 Team K won the tournament for the center position of next AKB single.

“AKB48 34th Single Senbatsu Janken Taikai” determines the participating members for their 34th single, to be released on December 11. Total 253 idols from each group, 83 who passed its qualify competed in the final this year.

(The names of the AKB48 34th single senbatsu members are below the article.) Matches by the selected 16 members went hot further. Matsui won the first quarterfinal match up with Hirata. Kamieda defeated Oba after a severe battle followed by draw over five times.

The final was heated by Matsui and Kamieda. Matsui scored the victory, and won a center position of 34th single for the first time. A large cheer and applause to celebrate arose from the audience when Matsui showed her smile with tears of joy. AKB48 group general director Takahashi Minami spoke, “It was quite tough tournament. I don’t know how the next single will be like, but I’m sure Jurina will lead us!” The event was over remains of great success.

Matsui commented, “I’ve been upset most ever, but I’ll do my best for fans. I broke my left hand before, and I believed that using the left hand to all matches caused good results. I would be happy weather 34th single goes both Cool or Kawaii. I also would like to sing a cheerful song that expresses life-size myself.”

By the way, AKB48 33rd single “Heart Electric” was premiered in the beginning of the Janken tournament. In addition to that Kojima Haruna acts the center position, it was revealed that the selected 16 members have band names each. There are 9 types of single jackets in total, 4 types for the regular editions, 4 for limited, and 1 theater addition. Type A, K, B, 4 include a video clip and a team track for each.

AKB48 34th single selected members

Winner Matsui Jurina (SKE48teamS, AKB48teamK)

2nd place Kamieda Emika (NMB48teamBII)

Best 4 Hirata Rina (AKB48teamK), Oba Mina (AKB48teamB, SKE48teamKII)

Best 8 Tano Yuka (AKB48teamA), Abe Maria (AKB48teamK), Kikuchi Ayaka (AKB48teamA), Natori Wakana (AKB48teamB)

Best 16 Uno Mizuki (NMB48trainee), Furuhata Nao (SKE48teamE, AKB48teamK), Kitahara Rie (AKB48teamK), Tsuchiyasu Mizuki (AKB48trainee), Fujie Reina (AKB48teamB), Sasaki Yuka (AKB48teamA), Yumoto Ami (AKB48trainee), Oya Shizuka (AKB48teamB)

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written by Yuji Hara

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