Flying High into Their 3rd Year! Iketeru Hearts 2nd Anniversary Live Report

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Flying High into Their 3rd Year! Iketeru Hearts 2nd Anniversary Live Report


Iketeru Hearts celebrated their 2nd anniversary with a festive collaboration 3-man live performance with Afilia Saga and Erabareshi at Shibuya Duo Music Exchange on September 7, 2016!

The Opening Act truly was a special tribute to the past. All members of Iketeru Hearts showed up on stage, along with Afilia Saga members Alice Rozen, Nana Drop Bijou, Momoko Little Berry, Myuna Shulita and Love Berry Janne, all of them wearing the Stand Up! Hearts polo shirts and skirts! They performed the upbeat “NEXT STAGE”, followed by the cool “Triangle Wave”, reminding everyone of their time as trainees (Stand-Up! Hearts). Even if they are now part of different groups, all the girls on stage indeed started their idol activities after the same audition!

Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome’s sub-unit Erabareshi then started the main show as the first guest, with their first single title song “Ai no Fushigi” and second single coupling song “Teke Teke Watashiryuu”. After electrifying the fans with their energy, leader Yuri Asakura wished Iketeru Hearts a happy anniversary. All members agreed on the idea of celebrating their own second year of activities along with Iketeru Hearts and Afilia Saga too! Erabareshi ended their performance with second single “Miss Rabbit”, sporting their “Alice in Wonderland” themed outfits, followed by the downtempo “Erabareshi Futari ni Naritai”, and a very upbeat “Checker Flag Love”.

It was then time for the stars of the night to perform! Iketeru Hearts appeared on stage wearing the outfits from their second single “Sekai he Habatake!”. They started with their iconic major debut single “Let’s Stand Up!”, causing youngest member Nijika to tear up after only ten seconds in!

Leader Yuyu Arata took some time to thank the fans in a first introduction MC, for supporting them in the new challenges they faced throughout the year. From a major debut to performing abroad – not only once but twice! -, a lot of things sure happened in a year for the group!

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