Iketeru Hearts Seize Their Destiny in the MV for “Karma Stripe”!

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Iketeru Hearts Seize Their Destiny in the MV for “Karma Stripe”!

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Iketeru Hearts start their new era with a flash in the MV for their 5th single “Karma Stripe” (release date: October 25)!

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Iketeru Hearts, powered up by the addition of new creative directors Chiyomaru Shikura and Tom-H@ck, new producer Yukafin (ex-Afilia Saga), and 4 new members, appear stronger than before. Crisp formation dance scenes are mixed in with the members mirroring each other and smiling brightly at the merchandise table. The music and lyrics are by Chiyomaru Shikura with arrangement by Shin’ichi Yuuki.

“Karma Stripe” will be released in a CD/DVD version and 4 CD versions (A-D). The DVD includes the MV for “Karma Stripe” in standard and high definition, a making of video, and a hi-fi recording of “Karma Stripe”. The coupling songs are “Ikeike BIG HEARTS♡” (CD/DVD, Type-A) and “Dreaming love” (CD/DVD, Type-B). Music for “Ikeike BIG HEARTS♡” is by Tom-H@ck with lyrics by hotaru(TaWaRa) and arrangement by RINZO(TaWaRa). Music and arrangement for “Dreaming love” is by Miki Fujisue, who also wrote the lyrics with Arisa Sato. Type-C and Type-D are enhanced CDs that include photos taken by the members during Live at duo MUSIC EXCHANGE on August 19, 2017 and introduction videos.

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