Dive into the Brand-new Story and Weave History! Idol Renaissance and AIS Live Report!

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Dive into the Brand-new Story and Weave History! Idol Renaissance and AIS Live Report!

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Idol Renaissance took a small but important step forward their bright future at the event “Idol Renaissance Shintaisei OhiromesuRunaissance!!” on June 11th.

Since it was previously announced that the new member for the group and the brand-new group would be unveiled, a large number of people gathered at Nissho Hall to celebrate the new talents. The audience seemed expecting that the new breeze would carve out the girls’ future.


Soon as the lights in the hall were dimmed, a video started to introduce two new members for Idol Renaissance, Suzuka Harada and Yumeka Nomoto. In total 8 members began by performing their first single “17-sai”. With the increase in the number of performers, their formation dance looked more dynamic and beautiful. The new members did not show nervousness in their faces at all. What made me surprised was not only the two but also other members. They never lose freshness but still perform as if they were veterans. Their style convinced me of the birth of brand-new Idol Renaissance. After short MC including introducing the new members, the hall got dark and the audience paid attention to the screen.

Idol Renaissance Kohousei (cadets) were shown in the screen and all of them except for the two who joined Idol Renaissance were announced to become members of a new idol group called AIS. In addition, it was announced that Marin Miyamoto also holds the post of the leader of the new group. AIS stands for All Idol Songs. Suppose that Idol Renaissance covers Japanese classics, AIS covers 21st century idol songs.

The first song AIS performed was “Mujoken☆Koufuku” originally by Idoling!!!. Since the members are mainly composed of the cadets, the level of performance was not that of Idol Renaissance but, their freshness and cuteness made by idol songs helped their staging. On the other hand, they tried the complex formation dance in the interlude in “Over the Future” originated by Karen Girl’s. They clearly proved their potential ability. Again, the video told the new chapter.


The content was mostly about lessons with new members. The concert now came to the end. Riko Ishino’s opening solo part in “good day sunshine” touches the hearts of the audience. They announced to release the new single on July 26th and the title song is “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari”. Noa Arai said to pay attention to the solo part of the new members and harmony made by 8 members. In addition, they unveiled a tour named “Kimi no Machi made Tazunerenaissance”. They will hold concerts in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Sendai.


After the MC, they generously performed the new song “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari”. It started with the solo part of Riko Ishino and had frequent changes of rhythm. The strength and weakness of dance also changes with the rhythm. They easily managed the difficulty of speed fluctuation, which clearly showed their growing.

Answering their fans’s huge encore calls, Idol Renaissance and AIS again came back to stage. They, 15 people in total started their summer with “Natsu no Kesshin” and closed this event with full of surprise.


Idol Renaissance
02.Miracle wo Kimi to Okoshitaindesu
04.Doki! Kouiuno ga Koinano
05.Over The Future
Idol Renaissance
07.Good day Sunshine
08.Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari
09.Koisuru kankaku
10.Taiyou to Shinzou
Idol Renaissance & AIS
En.Natsu no Kesshin

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