From Nippon Broadcasting System to Radio Nippon, The Charm of Getting to Really Know Idols Through Radio, and What Hasn’t Changed Between Then and Now

ニッポン放送からラジオ日本へ アイドルの素顔を届けるラジオの魅力は、今も昔も変わらない
From Nippon Broadcasting System to Radio Nippon, The Charm of Getting to Really Know Idols Through Radio, and What Hasn’t Changed Between Then and Now

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I think there are probably many fans who like the radio programs presented by their favorite idols. There’s a very strong personal element to the design, talking content, and so on with radio programs, and it’s because they let you see an idol’s “true self”. Radio is different from television because there’s no video, and you have to read the speaker’s feeling from their voice instead of their expressions. When you listen to a radio program, you can really get a sense of that person’s interests and personality.

Nowadays, when people talk about idol radio programs, they’re generally talking about Radio Nippon. With the inclusion of internet radio, there are many idol programs out there at the moment, and among them are about 20 programs, including Radio Nippon NEXT, who have been employing idols as radio personalities since before the current idol boom.


The radio programs that employ idols as their main personalities started in 2009 Autumn, with “Kikuchi Ami No 1ami9”. Here’s a list of idol programs that are broadcasted in Radio Nippon and Radio Nippon NEXT.

・Kikuchi Ami No 1ami9 (Ami Kikuchi’s 1ami9)
・9nine Satake Uki No Uchuuwo Kireini Suru Studio (Uki Satake’s Making the Universe Beautiful Studio)
・BABY RAIDS JAPAN Ooya and Takami’s Shaberista!)
・SUPER☆GiRLS Rina Miyazaki’s Nice Miyari!
・Dream5 Mikoto Hibi and Momona Tamakawa Mikotama Broadcasting Station.
・Mai Watanabe and Mariya Nagao’s Tuesday Night
・Takayanagi Akane No Umarete Konokata (Akane TAkayanagi’s Life Until Now)
・X21 Yoshimoto Miyu Colorful Box~2nd Season~
・Akamaru Dash☆ No Tameshini Ippai Meshiagare!!!! (Akamaru Dash☆’s Have a Taste!!!)
・Nakajima Saki no Cute Na Jikan (Saki Nakajima’s Cute Time)
・Morning Musume’16 No Morning Jogakuin~Houkago Meeting~ (Morning Musume ’16’s Morning Girls School~ Afterschool Meeting~)
・Country Girls No Tadaima Radio Housouchuu!! (Country Girl’s Radio Broadcasting Now!!)
and so on

Besides programs that employ idols as their main personalities, there’s also a program called 60 TRYBu, where idols work as assistants. Because of how proactively concerts where various idols appear are linked to these programs and so on, there are a lot of fans who immediately think of Radio Nippon when it comes to idols.

I’ve always liked radio myself, and I often tuned into the programs mentioned above. In the past I dabbled as a postcard man, submitting so-called “stories” or “topics”, and on programs like 9nine Uki Satake no Uchuu wo Kirei ni Suru Radio and Nakajima Saki no Cute na Jikan, they often read these submissions.


Nakajima Saki no Cute na Jikan, which started on January 1, 2012, is going on its fifth year. This is Saki Nakajima’s business card, which was produced on air. I went to see a public recording of the show at Queens Square Yokohama. 2012年1月1日からスタートし、今年で5年目を迎えている『中島早貴のキュートな時間』。番組内で制作された中島早貴の名刺(表面と裏面)。この番組は、クイーンズスクエア横浜での公開録音も見に行った

The 80s and 90s happened to be the golden age of radio. Much like how people talk about television programs, many people used to discuss radio programs with their friends. Naturally there were more than a few idol radio program broadcasts, and at the time there was one station that people associated with idols, much like Radio Nippon today, which was Nippon Broadcasting System.

…Learn more about idol and radio's strong relationship, and the author's surprising experiences!

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Toshiro Arai
Toshiro Arai

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