3 Makeup Tips to Look Like Japanese Idols

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3 Makeup Tips to Look Like Japanese Idols

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If you are into Japanese idols, I bet you have seen tons of cute pictures of them! But have you ever wondered how they wear their makeup?  Or how they create their cute and innocent look? Japanese beauty trend differs from western beauty trends. There are some keywords, such as natural looking, youth and girlishness and list goes on. I would like to narrow it down and give some of the practical advises! Here are some tips to look like Japanese idols.

Suppin Makeup


source: PAKUTASO

Japanese Idols have flawless smooth skin, soft as marshmallows. That makes them even more attractive. Of course, they wear makeup, but it almost looks like they don’t wear anything. It is often called Suppin Makeup, which is translated as “bare face makeup” or “No-makeup makeup” and it has been popular makeup style in Japan for pretty long time. But it might be a little tricky concept to master for non-Japanese people. So I recommend using as little amount of liquid foundation as possible. Apply liquid foundation only where you really need.
Also, I recommend using a translucent powder to avoid cakey foundation.

Wear Pink!


photo by: Rabi Cosuzu

Pink is definitely a go-to color to add some girlishness. Let’s use lavender-pink or pastel pink which is not vivid pink or hot pink.
It gives a fragile, delicate girl impression. For example, I recommend choosing a pink lipstick which is familiar to your skin color so that it gives a healthy and natural look.

Soft eyebrows and eyeliners


source: PAKUTASO

Let’s use powder eyebrow to draw some soft lines. KATE’s eyebrow palette is an essential item for Japanese girls to make their natural eyebrows. It is definitely a Hall of Fame cosmetic in Japan at the moment. Also, I would have to say, no cut crease eyeliner! Just use a pencil eyeliner and use a cotton swab gently to blend it into the edge of your eyes.

Less is More


source: GAHAC

Idols are usually in their teens or in their early twenties. In Japan, Idols are considered to underline innocence and chastity. That explains their less color makeup as their iconic look.

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