Baring it All: Idols Who Show Their Forehead With Their Hairstyle

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Baring it All: Idols Who Show Their Forehead With Their Hairstyle

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One of the most common features that characterizes a female Japanese idol is arguably their hair—specifically the quintessential bangs that nearly every idol sports. Having bangs is such a distinctive look for an idol that it’s hard to find one that doesn’t have her forehead covered by perfectly styled bangs. In Japan bangs are widely considered to give a person a younger and cuter look; this youthfulness is certainly important for idols. Yet there are some who go against the flow by sweeping off their hair and baring their forehead for the cameras. These idols make it their trademark to go without bangs, giving them a unique look that most idols don’t share.

Nocchi (Perfume)

Ayano Omoto, most known by her stage name Nocchi, has been one of three members of the world-famous electropop unit for over a decade. For most of that time, her characteristic bob hairstyle has endured the passage of time. Parted down the middle and neatly curling in at her chin, Nocchi stands out with her unique style.

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Jurina Matsui (SKE48)


Since she jumped straight into the center of the 48 group at age 12, Jurina Matsui has kept her bangs-free image for the length of her career. Back then it was already hard to tell that she was merely 12 years old because the young Matsui already had an air of maturity. It’s rare to find a young idol that shows her forehead every day, but that certainly helped her to stand out even as one of the youngest in the group.

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Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46)


Mai Shiraishi has not only forged her way to the front of Nogizaka46, but to the front and center of the whole entertainment industry. As a prominent fashion model on top of her idol career, the 25-year-old has remarkable style and the ability to look good in anything. Shiraishi, too, always had bangs right up till last year when she updated her look by going without her bangs in a rare image change. Since then her elegance has been off the charts—the seasoned model proved that she had the style to pull off any look.

Nogizaka48 official website:

Reika Sakurai (Nogizaka46)


With her stylish parted hair, captain Reika Sakurai exudes an aura of both elegance and good old big sister vibes. As one of the oldest members of Nogizaka46 in age and tenure, there’s no doubt that her appearance conveys the maturity that comes with leading the group.

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Sakura Oda (Morning Musume.’18)


The 11th generation member of Morning Musume.’18 shows her independence her in many ways, one by standing tall as the sole member of her generation and another by distinguishing her image without bangs within the large group. Although there have been several times where Oda experimented with bangs, she always seems to come back to her clean, mature look without covering her forehead. Many fans agree that Oda suits this style best because of the cool maturity it gives her.

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Miyu Suzumoto (Keyakizaka46)


As a member of a group known for their cool image, 20-year-old Miyu Suzumoto fits in perfectly with her light bob and distinctive center parting. For most of her time in Keyakizaka46 she has kept her bangs off her forehead; from the very beginning she made an impression with her naturally strong features and only went on to refine her edge as she grew as an idol.

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Miyu Yamabe (Tokyo Girls’ Style)


From the time of Tokyo Girls’ Style’s debut back in 2010, Miyu Yamabe trademarked her presence as the oldest member of the group. She looked the part too, with her straight black hair framing the sides of her face and swept cleanly back. Although she eventually began to change up her hairstyle with variations of bangs she most often leaves them long, much to the admiration of her fans who praise her mature beauty.

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Hazuki Sakamoto (The World Standard)


The World Standard (also known as Wasuta) has some of the wackiest and most colorful music videos—usually doused in bright pastel shades and occasionally dressed as giant tapioca milk tea cups—but oldest member Hazuki Sakamoto is easily recognizable and not just for her sunshine smile. Keeping her hair cropped and bangs pinned up, she’s the token shortcut girl of the group. Although she came into the group with her bangs, since their major debut she gradually turned to the distinctive no-bangs look that the fans love today.

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Of course, hairstyles are never permanent and these idols are likely to pull off any look. But it’s a special trademark to be one of the few who steps outside the common zone and sport a hairstyle that not many idols choose. It’s both elegant, mature and brave at the same time. As idols grow within their own group and began to carve out their presence, it’s also important for them to express their own individuality.


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