Momoclo to Release Limited Edition Single “Hitotsubu no Egao de…/Chai Maxx ZERO”

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Momoclo to Release Limited Edition Single “Hitotsubu no Egao de…/Chai Maxx ZERO”

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Momoiro Christmas season came early this year with Momoiro Clover Z announcing that they will release a Christmas limited single named “Hitotsubu no Egao de…” (meaning “With a piece of smile”) / Chai Maxx ZERO“.

This winter, Momoiro Clover Z is going to hold their Christmas Live “Momoiro Christmas 2014 Shining Snow Story” at Saitama Super Arena on December 24th and 25th. Every year at “Momoiro Christmas” they have released a Christmas limited single featuring ballads or Christmas songs. Last year they released “Naichaisou Fuyu” written by Kohmi Hirose (a million-selling singer-songwriter known in Japan as the “Winter Queen” for her winter songs) and “Hagane no Ishi” written by Toshihiko Takamizawa, guitarist of the famous Japanese rock band THE ALFEE.

“Hitotsubu no Egao de…” is the theme song for this Christmas concert and “Chai Maxx ZERO” is used in the commercial for “comico”, a “digital-manga-reader” smartphone app (so you may have already heard it before!). This limited single will only be sold at the concert venue, public viewing theaters, and on KING RECORD’s Internet shopping site “KING e-SHOP” from 9:00pm Christmas Day. Check the single and experience Momoiro Clover Z’s Christmas!!

Track list
01. “Hitotsubu no Egao de…”
02. Chai Maxx ZERO
04. “Hitotsubu no Egao de…”(off vocal ver.)
05. Chai Maxx ZERO(off vocal ver.)
06. KONOYUBi TOMALe(off vocal ver.)

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