This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #63

This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #63

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S/mileage & MM.’14 Unveils Dance Shot MV For “Eighteen Emotion” & “Password is 0”!! Sayashi & Ishida Happily Deliver Must-see Dance Commentary of “Password is 0”!! Berryz & ℃-ute Comment On The 15th Japan Expo in Paris!! Berryz Kobo Brings New Project!! S/mileage Weekly Smile is Back!!

Hi H!P universe on this earth, how have you been?

First of all, Berryz Kobo and ℃-ute brought the news of the week.
Congratulations on being invited to the 15th Japan Expo!!
Now comes the difficult part, you all need to get ready!!
Instead of expressing my heart all night long, let me translate what they commented about it!

Contributor Wanted!!

Berryz Kobo (06:31~)
Saki “Berryz & ℃-ute’s appearance on the 15th Japan Expo has been announced!!”
Momoko “And holding live on July 3 celebrating its 15th anniversary too!!
Speaking of July 3, the mother of Berryz, Maasa Sudo will have her birthday!!”
Risako “Papa-!!” Maasa “No, it’s mama.”
Momo “We never imagined we had Maasa’s birthday in France, would you give us a word?”
Maasa “Papa will do my best. (Triumphant look) I’ll be 22, do my best.”
Momo Ri-chan has been saying that you wanna go to France for long time right?”
Risako “I really have, I am listing the places I’d like to go from now.”
Momo “The Eiffel Tower, the Arch of Triumph, and the Momo Lisa brabrabra…”
Momo “What’s wrong? There’s so many places to go out in Paris, so if you could afford, come see us please-!!”

℃-ute (07:42~)
Maimi “Our appearance at the Japan Expo in July this year has been decided!!
This year we’ll go with Berryz Kobo-!! On July 3, we’ll hold live there, how does that sound?”
Mai “A-no-ne (you know what), a-no-ne, we’re glad to go back to France very much.”
Maimi “Last year we’ve been there and became partial to France.
Nacky “And France fans cheer was awesome, we’ll get ready to respond with love to..
Chisato “BESIDES, besides, sorry for interrupting, but, Mai-chan got cheered the most.”
Mai “But in Berryz Kobo, there are many strong kawaii rivals..”
Chisato “It’s rude to call them xxxxxx (unable to catch)
Chisato “Well, fans in Europe, we’ll go to see you in July, we, Mai too, so
All “Please come see us–!! That’s all, we are ℃-ute!!


We have a new project brought by Berryz Kobo.

The captain Saki said as follows:

“It’s my pleasure to introduce the new project called “Berryz Selection (KARI)”
Although it hasn’t titled yet, we leave it and let’s go-!!
This is a show we introduce each Berryz’ favorite song out of the live DVD we released throughout the decade.
As the first pick, I chose the one released on November 17, 2004, “2004 Summer First Concert Tour W Standby! W & Berryz Kobo”.
I saw all the songs in the DVD, and that took me back and embarrassed. What I chose is “Anata nashi dewa Ikiteyukenai”!

26:56 There’s no oi! call from fans recently, but there was at the time.
27:25 Elementary school studentsMomo and I were a  junior high school student..I want to praise them for performing such a difficult song for the age.
27:52 Kawaiiyour eyebrows are visible Momo!
28:00 Miya already had a matured look.
28:20 We were scared not to look down when we get off the stairs.
28:44 We all were young, and why did we dress like this?
29:25 How we danced is different from now.
30:00 The way we moved our hands looks young too. Everyone does the same.

“Thank you for watching~!! We got scolded by the teacher to keep 16 beats again and again.
It sucked I couldn’t dance right, keep the rhythm right. But the best part is, they look cute!
Risako was 4th grade elementary school student, but she and her move looked cute.

And we had Maiha Ishimura and we were 8 members. The formations were for 8 people, which is 7 now. She was the engine of Berryz, brighten up us. When we struggled with dance, she cheered us up. We have MC part coming up next, I strongly want you to check that.
We had lines for every chance we talked at that time. I love the scene Miya asked for help because she forgot the lines! She was so cute, but everyone was, so please watch all~.
Well, you’ll have Momoko Tsugunaga a.k.a. Momochi next week. Don’t miss the next selection~!”


Thank you for reading, enjoy the rest of the show:-) This helps you to know what happened to S/mileage!!

See you at next Hello! Sta!!

Contributor Wanted!!

00:00~ S/mileage “Eighteen Emotion” (Dance Shot Ver.)
06:31~ Berryz Kobo ×℃-ute “The 15th Japan Expo” Comment
10:33~ Morning Musume.’14 Riho Sayashi, Ayumi Ishida Dance Commentary
19:09~ Morning Musume.’14 “Password is 0” (Dance Shot Ver.)
24:52~ Saki Shimizu “Berryz Selection (KARI)”
37:03~ Smileage Weekly Smile (HinaFes2014)

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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