This Week’s Hello!Project Station!! #40

This Week’s Hello!Project Station!! #40

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Lots of Footage of ºC-ute Concert Tour Final! S/mileage speaks Enthusiasm for Fall Concert Tour! J=J unveils “Group Shot” version MV! MM Fukumura Mizuki sings “I Wish” Solo! Bonus Movie of Mischievous ºC-ute & Innocent Trainees!! and More!!

Hi everybody, how are you doing? Last week, MC Okai Chisato self-deprecatingly had promised us to tell how much she made a mistake on the show this week, and she kept her words!! The answer is …at the bottom of this article!! (For the consideration of the people who may study Japanese by using this program hahaha )

MC “hilarious” Chisato also confessed a heart warming episode that she got mad at ºC-ute members who were watching the last week’s show while skipping Chisato’s MC part! She said she showed her MC part to the members after that.

Her complaint was not only that. It was also directed to us!! She’s not happy that there was no comment to her at all in the comment section of YouTube last week. She said, “the comment section that I saw was filled with others compliment such as “Sayumin kawaii, or JJ kawaii”.

So people who think of Chisato, Let’s leave a cheer message or whatever you want to tell her in the comment section of the program this week! She is watching!!

Okay, that’s almost all I want to tell this week! Please enjoy the show and funny and touching bonus footage!! Thank you for reading to the end.

The answer, the times Chisato made a mistake is 21!! Looks like she made progress from the previous!! See you next week!!

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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