This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #66

This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #66

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Akari Uemura Appears as MC For First Time!! H!P Trainees Take Ability Trial!! ℃-ute & MM.’14 Deliver Latest Performance From Spring Live Tour!! Mother of Berryz, Maasa Sudo Appears in Berryz Selection!! S/mileage Weekly Smile!! And more!!

Hi, world H!P universe, how have you been? In this episode of Hello! Sta, Akari Uemura of Juice=Juice challenged MC for the very first time. She’s a graduate of Hello! Project trainees, aka “Kenshusei” as well as many H!P idols but, the current Kenshusei took the published trial, called “Hello! Project Kenshusei Recital 2014 ~ Spring Ability Trial ~”. Please let me talk for this time about what really the trainees are.

Hello! Project has often been described as the idol group that values abilities. Well practiced, skilled, and blessed performance can touch and impress people, that’s what H!P has valued. Especially, Kenshusei spend their entire youth doing nothing but training to make their debut from Hello! Project. True efforts and their daily growth as an idol grab fans’ hearts, and wouldn’t let them go.

Today, all H!P idol groups has been showing off its overwhelming performance all over the world but, all comes from such the basis. And its strongly-condensed principle can be seen in the lower organization of Hello! Project the most.

In the trial held on May 4, in Nakano SunPlaza, 26 trainees were purely evaluated the performance by a dance trainer, song teacher, board of directors, former H!P idol (Hitomi Yoshizawa this time!), and the discerning audience.

(I will summarize and translate details of the event soon but, let me name the winners for each categories prior to the article.)

・Singing section: Natsumi Taguchi “100 Kai no KISS” and Ayano Hamaura “Yakimochi wo kudasai!”
・Dance section: Rikako Sasaki “Kiseki no Kaori Dance” and Kurumi Yoshihashi “Naichaukamo”
・Character section: Rena Ogawa “Sakura Mankai”, Yumeno Kishimoto “REAL LOVE”, and Mizuki Murota “Memory Seishun no Hikari”
・Best Performance: Ruru Danbara “Memory Seishun no Hikari”

ºC-ute delivered “Yuuwaku no Kyuujitsu (Holiday of Temptation)” that has been showcased in their ongoing tour “ºC-ute Concert Tour 2014 Spring ~ ºC-ute no Honne ~”. The footage was filmed at Nakano SunPlaza, Tokyo. The song is in their single “Tokai no Hitorigurashi” Regular Edition B as the coupling song.

Also, MM.’14 dropped the latest footage of “LOVE Machine” from their current spring tour “Morning Musume.’14 Concert Tour Spring ~ Evolution ~”.

In Berryz Selection, Maasa Sudo appeared and revealed heart for the song “Yume de do-up” from the DVD “Berryz Kobo Concert Tour 2005 Autumn ~ Switch ON! ~ “.

S/mileage‘s gonna tweet again!! Last time they talked about how to fill the Budokan. In this S/mileage Weeky Smile, they try to bring ideas to the table to inform the public of their live in Nippon Budokan, to be held on July 5.

In the ending part, MC A-ri- revealed that she made a lot of mistakes through the shooting. Although she thanked for editing intervention, a part of me wanted to see the uncut version, you too right?

Thank you for reading, enjoy the bonus footage too, see you at next Hello! Sta!!

Contributor Wanted!!

02:09~ ”H!P Kenshusei Recital 2014~Spring Ability Trial~” Digest(Nakano SunPlaza)
20:30~ ºC-ute “Yuuwaku no Kyuujitsu” (Nakano SunPlaza)
25:49~ MM.’14 “LOVE Machine (updated)” (Nakano SunPlaza)
30:31~ Maasa Sudo “Berryz Selection”
36:39~ S/mileage “Weekly Smile”
46:23~ Berryz Kobo “Musical Sengoku Jieitai Promotion Movie”

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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