This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #65

This Week’s Hello! Project Station!! #65

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Sayumi Gives Words Only for Hello! Sta Viewers!! MC Ayacho’s in a Good Mood!! S/mileage Unveils Latest Footage of “Mystery Night!” Juice=Juice Delivers “Are Core Shitai!”, Berryz Kobo Shows Off “Otona Nanoyo!” in Naruchika 2014!! Chinami Tokunaga Appears in Berryz Selection!! S/mileage chats their dream-live in Budokan!


Hi Hello! Project universe, how have you been?

The shocking news was dropped by the MM.’14 leader Sayumi Michishigeshe will leave MM.’14 and Hello! Project on the last day of the Autumn live tour. The electric impact of the news has been flying across the country, dominated all media. The icon of the industry has been loved by fans, even by idols, and by the members. We’d like to keep featuring her from every possible angle. So stay tuned.


OK! It’s time to take a history class.

Chinami Tokunaga appeared in Berryz Selection! (15:32~)

Well, we look very young. It was a summer of junior high school first year. When I look back, I am surprised at how childish we were for a junior high school student. But it’s great to be able to see my childhood on DVD. Our performance now, the Spring tour, will be looked back 10 years later, for example, so I thought we should value every concert we hold.

According to Chinami, we’ll have Maasa Sudo next week! She’ll talk about “Berryz Kobo 2005 Autumn Switch On”! Stay tuned!


On S/mileage Weeky Smile, they chatted about their dream-live in Nippon Budokan.
It started with the announcement of the live title. The title has been decided as “S/mileage LIVE 2014 Summer FULL CHARGE ~ 715 (Naa, Ikou) Nippon Budokan ~”

Things they want to do until the live, and in the live are as follows:
・Having six rooms as a stage setting for each member. Those are decorated in each members tastes / Having a runway / Having a mini show during the live using picture of their weird faces (Like what they did in their 1st live tour “~ Devil Smile Angel Smile ~”) / Appearing on the stage breaking through the door of paper / Coming out by jumping from under the stage (or dissappear from the stage) / Flying over the audience / Having a laser illumination, laser projection / Elaborated visual effects (enhanced Cinderella Revolution!) / Coming out from a toy box / Having twitter accounts to spread their activities / Wearing many kinds of costume / Ayaho comes out from a Buddhist altar (lol)

At the ending, Ayacho eagerly presented S/mileage and Ayacho’s book. Thanks a lot for MC this two weeks!!


In the bonus footage, we have the moment Sayu announced the graduation. The full translation of the cutest leader’s words is here.
Hello! Sta #65 isn’t over yet! Sayu gave words for the viewers of Hello! Sta!!
Today, April 29, it was my honor to announce my graduation in my home country, Yamaguchi Prefecture. For those who are watching Hello! Sta, once again, I will graduate Morning Musume.’14 at the end of our Autumn live tour. I told all the members about it directly yesterday.
An important thing should be told directly, that’s my style, so I said it to my members yesterday.
To announce the news in my hometown, Yamaguchi Pref, was also my idea. Today, I was happy to see the audience listened to me carefully. I was touched again. Because there’s still a lot of time left, because I want to make special memories with you, I will work as hard as I can, so please keep an eye on me.

Thank you for reading, see you at next Hello! Sta!!

Contributor Wanted!!

3:48~ S/mileage “Mystery Night!” (Yokohama VIVRE)
9:52~ Juice=Juice “Are Core Shitai!” (Aichi Toubetsuin Hall)
15:30~ Chinami Tokunaga Berryz Selection
21:46~ BerryzKobo “Otona nanoyo!” (Naruchika2014)
29:35~ S/mileage Weekly Smile (Dream-live in Budokan)
44:12~ Sayumi Michishige Graduation Announcement (Yamaguchi, Shunan City Hall)

written by Yuji Hara

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Yuji Hara

I lost my way in life due to the hiatus of Berryz Kobo.

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