Hauptharmonie Adds New Members Sui Hitohana (ex-Yurumerumo!) and Rin Shirogane!

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Hauptharmonie Adds New Members Sui Hitohana (ex-Yurumerumo!) and Rin Shirogane!

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Hauptharmonie debuted 2 new members Rin Shirogane (銀 りん) and Sui Hitohana (一花 寿) at Shibuya Chelsea Hotel on October 26, 2016. It was not just a new beginning for the group but also the return of a familiar face to the idol scene as Sui Hitohana was formerly known as Mone and had graduated from Yurumerumo! on July 10th.

Hauptharmonie will be embarking on a 6-city tour “Kuchibiru wo Ubai ni Iku” starting in Osaka on November 6th and finishing at Shibuya WWW X in Tokyo on December 20th. While they have always been an unconventional and unique group with their 90’s sound, liberal use of German language and imagery, the addition of a former member of Yurumerumo! not only brings many of her dedicated fans but experience and a new perspective as Hauptharmonie moves forward into the future.

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Sui Hitohana, also previously known as Mone Sakuragi, stars in a film titled Utsuroi Hyohonbako which opens in theaters October 29th as well.

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