Photo Shoot with Mankind’s Best Camera, the Hasselblad, Featuring Saki Takeda from palet!

"人類史上最高のカメラ" ハッセルブラッドで、アイドルを撮影してみた!
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Photo Shoot with Mankind’s Best Camera, the Hasselblad, Featuring Saki Takeda from palet!

Photo from SHOOTING / Photo : Ikko Nishimura, Hair&Makeup : Takahiro Udagawa, Retouch : Takaaki Yoshida

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Did you know the idea that gave birth to “mankind’s best camera” came from Northern Europe? Sensible functions, a simple and cool design, and above all a camera equipped with a user-like operability are precisely what you get with Swedish super luxury brand Hasselblad. This camera, which is full of ideas on how to bring to life all of the creative visions held by photographers, still continues to evolve, and is revered by many professional cameramen.

And so, we used this Hasselblad to shoot an idol. It was an extravagant move to try and capture the ideal beauty images that mirror those reflected in people’s hearts through strong creativity. This dream-like photo shoot became a reality through collaborating with the Hasselblad company web magazine, SHOOTING, and so TGU went to pay them a visit. This time our photo shoot model was Saki Takeda. She’s a popular member of idol unit palet. Ikko Nishimura was the cameraman for Saki’s photo shoot. Nishimura works as a representative of the photography agency AshCreate, and has a very high reputation as a fashion and idol photographer. On top of that, work of his that was shot using a Hasselblad H Series digital camera was shown in an exhibit May of last year at the Hasselblad Store Tokyo, and was met with praise. We wondered how our model looked from the other side of the lens to Nishimura, who uses a Hasselblad on a daily basis, and asked him to sit down with us for an interview after the photo shoot.

The backstage photos



– We know that you like and use Hasselblads, but what exactly makes Hasselblads different from other cameras?

Nishimura: Hasselblads are medium size cameras, and their sensors are large compared to regular digital cameras, their sensors are larger. For that reason, it captures the quality of the photographic subject just the way it is. Like in this shoot, the charm of Saki’s loveliness and beauty was captured as is. It’s not always like that with other cameras.

– The details on her outfits came out amazingly beautiful.


Photo from SHOOTING

Nishimura: You’re right. Hasselblads are also regularly used in the fashion industry all over the world, and that’s one of their best points. So in Europe, they’re often used to shoot mode-style shots. But I don’t think they are used in the same way in Japan. I think that in Japanese fashion, more photos are taken of idols than mode-style models.

– Is there a difference between shooting fashion models and idols?

Nishimura: For models, the focal point is the clothing, but for idols, the focal point is them. It’s interesting. From that perspective, Saki was top level. Although I took several hundreds of photos of her today, I felt like I could use all of her faces and expressions. It was really amazing. Of course it’s no wonder that idols have to be conscious about showing their best side on stage at every moment on a daily basis. So she must be very disciplined. When shooting idol girls, there is never a wasted shot. I think that’s really something amazing about Japanese idols.


Photo from SHOOTING

For the photo shoot that day, different places were used at the Yoyogi Park location in the morning and at the studio used that afternoon. Depending on the place, the way the images turned out were also different. So for that reason, a different outfit was used for each one. For the location shoot she used her own clothing, and at the studio she was shot after changing into her stage outfit. In order to match the atmosphere of Yoyogi Park at the beginning of summer and the natural life force surrounding it, much care was taken to create a natural mood during the morning shoot. In the afternoon at the studio, artificial flower petals were used. With such a start contrast between the shoots, we wondered how Saki felt when she saw how the Hasselblad had captured her image.

– How did you feel about today’s photo shoot?

Saki: I did the shoot this morning in my own clothes at Yoyogi Park, and it was a little hot, and the wind was strong. There were many shots of me looking away, but I think I was able to made a variety of different expressions. In the afternoon I was so surprised to see the flowers falling all around. It was so pretty. They paired it with light blue.


Photo from SHOOTING

– How was it being photographed in a properly made up set like that?

Saki: Normally my shoots are done at concerts, so I rarely have the chance to experience something like this. So I felt nervous for the first time in awhile. But the atmosphere at the place was really great, and I had a wonderful time. I wanted to look cute, so I smiled and laughed a lot.

-Is there anything you focus your attention on while shooting?

Saki: I really like smiling. So I often smile, but during shooting I care about syokkaku “side fringe”. (* Using hair to hide the contours of the face) The “side fringe” is supposed to give the effect of a small face. For me I look completely different with and without the “side fringe”. So I have to focus on it.

– What do you think about while you’re shooting?

Saki: I try to imitate the idols that I like. I think about their photo books. I like Airi Suzuki from ℃-ute, so I try to imagine what Airi would do.

– Is it fun to do photo shoots?

Saki: It is! If possible, I’d like to do more of them. Someday I want to put out a photo book. I also want to go abroad. I’d love to live in Cairns. (laugh)

– Would you like to go to other countries for a photo book shoot besides Australia?

Saki: I would. Like for a vacation somewhere near the ocean.

– If you could choose one place to do the shoot, where would you choose?

Saki: I’d like to do a shoot in Hawaii. I haven’t been there before. I have a passport and I want to go there during my personal time, but I haven’t been able to find the time with my schedule. (laugh)

The functionality of the Hasselblad was developed in Sweden with the original idea of being “mankind’s best camera”. When it came to capturing Japanese idols, it was able to realize the biggest charms and beauty of the subject as well as the vision of the photographer. Saki looked very satisfied with the photos taken of her that day as they were. With the evolution of camera technology, photo shoot sets feel full of unlimited possibilities when it comes to expression through photography.

The original coverage of the project on SHOOTING

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The backstage photos by
Kenji Harada (on location)
kobadog (studio)
Translated by Jamie Koide

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