Haruka Shimada To Reveal Her 8 Years of Joy and Struggle in AKB48 in New Photobook “Sonna Ikikata”!

Haruka Shimada To Reveal Her 8 Years of Joy and Struggle in AKB48 in New Photobook “Sonna Ikikata”!

While fans have been shocked by the graduation announcement of 9th generation AKB48 member Haruka Shimada, she revealed information about her photo book “Sonna Ikikata” to be released on November 10th! Along with her adult-faced photographs, she also expresses the pain of struggling as an unranked member, as well as feelings of jealousy and love towards AKB48.

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“Sonna Ikikata” includes 96 pages of Haruka’s photographs, including pictures of herself in a sexy lingerie and comments about her intentions toward AKB48. In addition, readers will also be able to enjoy reading her interview with Mako Kojima, Yuiri Murayama, and Sayaka Akimoto.

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Due to the publication of her photo book, Haruka conveys her feelings, “I revealed all the backstage of my 8 years of being an unranked member in AKB48. I wrote my straight-forward feelings of my gratitude towards AKB48, and the struggle of how I couldn’t succeed in the group no matter how hard I tried. Along with my graduation from AKB48, I packed all my thoughts that I couldn’t express until this time”.

On November 10th, a commemorative presentation ceremony will be held at Fukuya Books in Shinjuku Subnade to celebrate the release of “Sonna Ikikata”. Haruka Shimada’s final AKB48 Theater performance takes place on November 30th.

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“Haruka Shimada PHOTOBOOK Sonna Ikikata” Commemorative Presentation Ceremony
Date: 2017 November 10 (Fri.) 19:00~
Place: Fukuya Books, Shinjuku Subnade
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