Kamiyado Premiere New Film “Kimi ga Ite Kansei Suru Puzzle”!

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Kamiyado Premiere New Film “Kimi ga Ite Kansei Suru Puzzle”!

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Kamiyado celebrated the premiere of their new film “Kimi ga Ite Kansei Suru Puzzle” with a performance, talk, and screening at Cinemart Shinjuku on October 28, 2017! Sharing the stage with Kamiyado was director Mai Sakai and scriptwriter Rin Shuto.

Mei Hashima comments:

Because I had been playing soccer since I was very young, I felt that I was good at it but up until now I have only been able to show people some sloppy juggling skills. This time I made sure to show my true powers during the game scenes.

Mika Ichinose comments:

Because my scene was shot in one cut and the filmer was in front of me the whole time, seeing the eyes of the people around me as I was running through Harajuku in broad daylight was a little painful (laugh). As soon as the filming started, I couldn’t check my lines or my movements so I had to try and memorize everything so I hope people watch it while thinking, “‘Mikachin’ worked hard”.

Miki Hashima comments:

I’m really bad at memorizing things but I had so many lines, so on the day of the shoot I was told that the camera was constantly being moved around even though I thought it was filming me very closely. It was really difficult but Sato-kun who was playing my onscreen partner was so good at matching up with me that it became easy. Everyone, will you fall in love with Miki?

Hina Koyama comments:

I didn’t speak in the announcement clip, I didn’t speak in the trailer either so I wondered if I would have any lines but in the end I ended up speaking a lot! For the filming, I went home to Nagano, visited a festival, saw a fireworks display, ate a lot, and did exercises in a park the next day before coming back to Tokyo. It was a really fun shoot. It’s not like I went there just to play!

Naho Sekiguchi comments:

For my part, I think you can see a lot of the past Naho Sekiguchi in the character. Like for example, my nervousness on the side of the stage shown through my facial expressions. The camera was rolling without me knowing so I was surprised to see some of the faces I usually make. My character is the one that brings everyone together so it’s an important one; please watch me carefully!

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“Kimi ga Ite Kansei Suru Puzzle” will be screened at Cinemart Shinjuku from November 25 – December 1 with talk shows taking place after the screenings on November 27 (Mika Ichinose), November 28 (Naho Sekiguchi), November 29 (Hina Koyama), November 30 (Miki Hashima), and December 1 (Mei Hashima). Kamiyado will be also rereleasing their first album “Harajuku Hatsu! KAMIYADO desu.” alongside their second album “Harajuku! Chaku! KAMIYADO desu.” on November 14th.

Photos by Yusuke HOMMA

Set List

01 Parachute☆Love
02 Ultra Cheer
03 Bi・Bi・Bi♡
04 Hoshizora Kaeri Michi

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Harajuku Hatsu! Kamiyado desu. / Kamiyado
Harajuku Chaku! Kamiyado desu. / Kamiyado

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