Shiina Pikarin Spins Round and Round in the MV for “Bababahbabaumkuchen★”!
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Shiina Pikarin binges on sweets and carnival rides in the MV for “Bababahbabaumkuchen★” from her upcoming single “Bababahbabaumkuchen★/Geboku Gebo Gebo” (release date May 3)!

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With Pikarin emerging from the demon world at an amusement park, she stuffs her face with Baumkuchen and runs from ride to ride as the chaotic and aggressive music composed by Hige Driver swirls around her. The MV and yet unreleased cover art was created by singer/-songwriter/voice actress/artist Mewhan.

“Bababahbabaumkuchen★/Geboku Gebo Gebo” will be released in 5 different versions.

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