Happiness Crank Up The Volume in the MV for “Ordinary Girls”!

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Happiness Crank Up The Volume in the MV for “Ordinary Girls”!

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Happiness tear down the barriers between their double lives in the MV for “Ordinary Girls” from their new album “GIRLZ N’ EFFECT” (release date: October 12)

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In the MV Happiness switch between “Ordinary Girls” spending their days working at what must be the least ordinary gas station in the world and “Super Girls” tearing up the city streets all night long. What might be the most unusual is that this is the full-length MV for the song and even has an end roll! Hopefully, this sort of thing becomes more ordinary and less of a special occasion in the future.

“GIRLZ N’ EFFECT” will be released in a CD/Blu-ray, CD/DVD, and CD version. The Blu-ray/DVD includes the MVs for “JUICY LOVE”, “Seek A Light”, “Holiday”, “Sexy Young Beautiful”, and “Ordinary Girls”. Happiness begins their LIVE TOUR 2016 GIRLZ N’ EFFECT in Sapporo on November 9th and continues on through December.

Track List

01 Holiday
02 Ordinary Girls
03 Love Wonderland
04 Always
05 Be Mine
07 Seek A Light
08 Bright Blue ~Watashi no Ruri iro~
09 Dancing In Solitude
10 Autumn Autumn
11 Come Come
12 Show Me Your Heart
13 Born to be Free
14 Sexy Young Beautiful

Seek A Light
Sexy Young Beautiful
Ordinary Girls

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GIRLZ N' EFFECT / Happiness
GIRLZ N' EFFECT / Happiness
GIRLZ N' EFFECT / Happiness

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