Trick or Treat! Halloween in Japan Takes on All Shapes and Forms

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Trick or Treat! Halloween in Japan Takes on All Shapes and Forms

It’s that time of the year again! Halloween is almost here! In Japan, Halloween was not such a big deal, but it is said that after KIDDY LAND, a store which sells toys related to cute characters, organized the first Halloween parade, it became known to many people in 1993. Tokyo Disneyland hosted a special Halloween event in 1997, and from there it became a major event in Japan! Now it is enjoyed by many people through different forms.

Plain Costume Party

Some Japanese are still shy about wearing flashy costumes, so a unique event popped out: Plain Costume Party. In this party, there are several rules. First, you need to wear a costume that is not usually regarded as a costume. Second, the costume can be anything as long as people understand when it is explained. Lastly, the party is held not in a club but at a simple bar. It may be a bit hard to picture what it would be like, so here are photos from the past parties.

Daily Portal Z From left, a person on the day before Halloween, a waiter at an Indian restaurant who brings more naan, and a mother at a field day

Daily Portal Z A manga writer and an editor who is in a rush about his deadline but the writer is not willing to write.

Daily Portal Z  A staff at an exhibition

They all look like the actual people in their roles, but let me remind you that they are all just wearing their costumes. They are all so unique but somehow common at the same time. What would you want to be if you were to attend this kind of party?

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Cat’s Parade


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Held in Kagurazaka, this is a Halloween event which you can parade around the area with people dressed as cats! Kagurazaka is known as where Natsume Soseki spent his time writing books. One of his famous novels is “I Am a Cat”, so as a part of a revitalizing plan for the town, Cat’s Parade was organized. Even if you are not in costume, you can just go, and there would be so many things to do! You can try face painting, wearing kimono, joining Japanese dance, and more.

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Shibuya Halloween


The most famous event in Japan might be Halloween at Shibuya. It is estimated that more than one million people gather in this area on Halloween. Although Japanese tend to be shy, on this event everyone can enjoy taking photos with people whom they just met, and party until late into the evening!

Cosyume of Fuchico at the edge of a cup

Costume of Fuchico at the edge of a cup

Costume of Tetris

Tetris group costume

It would be a place where you can find just about any costume you can think of. Why don’t you take on the challenge wearing a costume that no one but you would wear?

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