Happy Halloween from Tokyo! Photos of Huge Crowd and Cosplayers in Shibuya

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Happy Halloween from Tokyo! Photos of Huge Crowd and Cosplayers in Shibuya

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Halloween time comes again to Shibuya, Tokyo!

halloween-shibuya-2016-19 halloween-shibuya-2016-18

We have been covering Halloween night in Shibuya for three years in a row, and the crowd is getting larger and larger every year. For this year, the Shibuya scramble crossing opens up the streets to pedestrians for 4 days (October 28,29,30,and 31) due to higher demands of Halloween in Tokyo.

There are a lot of club events during Halloween days, however, just hanging out in Shibuya leads you to see more creative and attractive people! We went out for shooting on the evening of October 30.

halloween-shibuya-2016-12 halloween-shibuya-2016-14 halloween-shibuya-2016-13 halloween-shibuya-2016-15 halloween-shibuya-2016-09 halloween-shibuya-2016-10 halloween-shibuya-2016-08 halloween-shibuya-2016-07 halloween-shibuya-2016-06 halloween-shibuya-2016-16 halloween-shibuya-2016-11 halloween-shibuya-2016-04 halloween-shibuya-2016-03 halloween-shibuya-2016-01 halloween-shibuya-2016-02 halloween-shibuya-2016-05

This kind of Halloween parades are also happening at other major cities in Tokyo such as Roppongi and Shinjuku, however Shibuya is always on the top. If you want to celebrate Halloween next year in Tokyo, join Halloween street parade in Shibuya! These pictures are just some of them!


The photos were taken in collaboration with Tokyo Girls’ Story. They’re regularly posting girls’ snapshots and interview toward them. Check it out too!

Photos by Yamauchi Nobuhiro

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