Halloween Street Party in Shibuya Rocks! Experience the Creative Cosplay Show Once a Year

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Halloween Street Party in Shibuya Rocks!  Experience the Creative Cosplay Show Once a Year

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Halloween is becoming one of the biggest events in Japan, as you can see from a lot of Halloween related songs by idols such as AKB48’s “Halloween Night”. Halloween related events are held all over Japan around October 31st, and countless Halloween limited stuffs are sold at various kinds of shops during autumn season.


Shibuya packed with cosplayed young people! on October 30th

Thus many people in Japan are enjoying Halloween in some way, but the most outstanding one is street cosplay by young people in downtown. On October 30th and 31st, we went out into Shibuya, the city of young people, and had photoshooot with cool cosplayed people in support with Tokyo Girls’ Story!

halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-03 halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-04 halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-01 halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-02 halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-07halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-37halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-08 halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-09 halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-10halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-41 halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-11 halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-12 halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-13 halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-14halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-42halloween-shibuya-2015-photo-41

See more photos of girls with Halloween cosplay! 

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