Know What is “Goin’on” in i☆Ris’ New MV for “Goin’on”, the Opening Theme Of “PriPara” the 4th Season!!

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Know What is “Goin’on” in i☆Ris’ New MV for “Goin’on”, the Opening Theme Of “PriPara” the 4th Season!!

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i☆Ris, voice actress idol group, is releasing their 11th single, “Goin’on” (February 17th on sale), which is the 6th opening theme of “PriPara“. “PriPara” is an anime about every girl who have PriTickets can become idols in the different dimension world, “PriPara”, where idols compete or collaborate performances to raise their idol rank. i☆Ris brought out every opening theme for “PriPara” in straight succession and since every six members are responsible for the main characters’ voice, nobody can’t talk “PriPara” without mentioning i☆Ris. They first made the MV available for the fans who gathered at the latest release event in Venus Fort, Tokyo, on January 23rd, 2016.

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The MV’s mood is completely new; with no dance scenes, compared to other MVs that includes dance parts and have pop and bright colors in the background. In the MV, though each members start appearing from different places, the members gather in one room in conclusion. It might be a reflection of themselves; that each and every i☆Ris members are now busy with their solo-works, but at the same time, the place to come back is always the group “i☆Ris”.

They closed 2015 with their one-man live at the Toyosu PIT, where they announced the creation of the fan club, Five Tour Zepp Tour, and the release of the album, all coming up in 2016!! Don’t miss out how the two face idol and voice actress group, i☆Ris will blast out in 2016!!


Goin' on / i Ris
Goin' on / i Ris

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