New World Order? GANG PARADE Throw Down Wild MV for “Imi nai Uta”!

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New World Order? GANG PARADE Throw Down Wild MV for “Imi nai Uta”!

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GANG PARADE defy logic in the MV for “Imi nai Uta” from their new album “GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!” (release date: November 21)!

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Just as the title of the song implies, the MV is full of meaningless antics and the lyrics are full of nonsense as GANG PARADE run through the streets of Shibuya and a glitchy retro computer generated world. Lyrics are by Matsukuma Kenta and Ryugu Jīku and music is by Matsukuma Kenta.

“Imi nai Uta”, “Futsū no Nichijō”, “I need you I love you I want you”, and “CAR RADIO” join the previously released songs “GANG PARADE”, “Are you kidding?”, and “TIE” as limited time free downloads on OTOTOY.

“GANG PARADE takes themselves higher!!” is the first album since the additions of Yui Ga Dokuson, Terashima Yūka, Coco Partin Coco (November 2016), and Aya Eight Price (May 2017). It includes 10 tracks with most of the music composed by Kenta Matsukuma. One of the tracks “Futsū no Nichijō” is the first GANG PARADE song to be composed by Yua Yumeno, while Yuka Terashima (“Are you kidding?” and “I need you I love you I want you”) and Yui Ga Dokuson (“TIE”) contribute lyrics for the first time. GANG PARADE will be commemorating the release of the album with a sold out live at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on November 20th.

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Track List

01 Imi nai Uta
03 Are you kidding?
04 Futsū no Nichijō
06 I need you I love you I want you
07 Plastic 2 Mercy
08 TIE
09 Beyond the Mountain

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