French Kiss Announces Disbandment! Don’t Miss Their First but Last Album & Farewell Concert!

French Kiss Announces Disbandment! Don’t Miss Their First but Last Album & Farewell Concert!

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One of the sister-groups from AKB48, French Kiss, have announced their disbandment. The members of the group are Yuki Kashiwagi, Aki Takajo, and Asuka Kuramochi, who just graduated AKB48 on August 17th. They have decided to end the group after their five years of activity, and will release their first and last full album tentatively titled, “French Kiss” on October 14th (Wed), 2015, and will hold a last live concert at Saitama Super Arena on November 5th (Thu), 2015.

French Kiss

French Kiss (Right: Asuka Kuramochi, Center: Yuki Kashiwagi, Left: Aki Takajo)

After making their debut in September of 2010, they have been active alongside their main activities of AKB48. After this announcement, Kashiwagi and Takajo will continue as AKB48 members but, Kuramochi will be on track to be sports news presenter.

Out of those who made a reservation purchase of the limited version of the album, 1,500 will be chosen by lottery to receive “Premier Seating” at their last concert. There will be members’ handwritten message cards given to the winners at the concert as well.

For this announcement, Kashiwagi comments, “French Kiss gave me many dreams from being ranked first on the Oricon charts to performing at Saitama Super Arena. I hope this group will be loved even after we disband, and we will perform our best!” Takajo comments, “I’m looking forward to spend every second until the last moment with our fans,” and Kuramochi comments, “I hope everyone can come and see the end of French Kiss.”


French Kiss (tentative) Limited TYPE-A (CD+DVD)

French Kiss (tentative) Limited TYPE-B (CD+DVD)

French Kiss (tentative) Limited TYPE-C (CD+DVD)

French Kiss (tentative) Normal TYPE-A (CD+DVD)

French Kiss (tentative) Normal TYPE-B (CD+DVD)

French Kiss (tentative) Normal TYPE-C (CD+DVD


French Kiss Live ~LAST KISS~
November 5 (Thu), 2015 Saitama Super Arena

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