Easily Lets You Enjoy Becoming Rascal or Patrash! A Dog of Flanders and Rascal the Raccoon Now in Face Pack Form

Easily Lets You Enjoy Becoming Rascal or Patrash!  A Dog of Flanders and Rascal the Raccoon Now in Face Pack Form


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The ninth version of the Design Face Pack series by Isshindo Hompo, which has already sold around 600,000 in all, will release a collaboration “Tomodachi (Friends) Face Pack” with the internationally well-known and well-loved series Flanders no Inu (A Dog of Flanders) and Araiguma Rascal(Rascal the Raccoon) on March 11, 2015. (Wed.)

With the original concept of “being a brand that introduces ‘the face of Japan’ to the rest of the world” since its start, Isshindo Hompo’s Design Face Pack series has launched multiple products depicting the many faces of Japan, such as the “kabuki face pack”, the “Ueno Zoo animals face pack”, the “Shiki Theatrical Company Cats face pack”, the “Kansai Yamamoto face pack”, the “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure face pack”, and the “Kiss Face Pack”, among others, and has done a number of collaboration releases from different genres, with over 600,000 in sales in the year and two months since the series was first released.

The “Tomodachi Face Pack” will center around two famous and popular anime series of the World Masterpiece Theater celebrating their 40th broadcast anniversary this year, Flanders no Inu and Araiguma no Rascal. In addition to the many these of family love and friendship depicted in these anime series, there are many animals that are depicted as friends of the main protagonists, such as Nello’s friend, Patrash, in Flanders no Inu, and Sterling North’s friend, Rascal, from Araiguma Rascal, who were adopted for the designs.


The masks are soaked in a cosmetic formula made up of three beautifying ingredients: hyaluronic acid, collagen, and vitamin C, and also includes lavender extract for a mood soothing effect. It moisturizes the skin, helping with fine lines and giving it a healthy glow, and as face pack easily lets you enjoy becoming Rascal or Patrash. It would make a great gift for White Day or the graduation/new school year season, or as a gift to show your friendship, don’t you think?

Product Information
Price: 900 yen each / 2 masks per pack
Sold At: all Tokyu Hands locations, Haneda Airport International Line, mail order
Sale Date: March 11, 2015 (Wednesday)
Item Size: Package Size 120 cm in width x 19.5 cm in height
Main Ingredients*: 3 beautifying igredients… hyaluronic acid Na, liquid collagen, vitamin C derivative

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Translated by Jamie Koide

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