Especia Like Big Loud Radios and Fresh-Smelling Armpits in the MV for “Aviator/Boogie Aroma”!

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Especia Like Big Loud Radios and Fresh-Smelling Armpits in the MV for “Aviator/Boogie Aroma”!

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Vaporwave idol group Especia is back for summer with a radical split MV for their double A-side single “Aviator/Boogie Aroma” (release date: July 22)!

The first part is from “Aviator” and has the members dancing in front of a brightly colored retro background while holding increasingly larger and more expensive cassette radio players that were popular before CDs and digital music files became the norm. Even if those prices are remotely accurate, the 1980’s must have been a really crazy time! Oddly enough, “Aviator/Boogie Aroma” will not be released on cassette, even though several groups have been offering that format as an option recently.

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The second part is from “Boogie Aroma” and borrows heavily from American deodorant commercials. Backed up by a band playing MIDI instruments, Especia brandishes the fictional roll on while dressed in blindingly white outfits. It’s as if they tried to use every cliche used in cheap late night infomercials! Even though deodorant is quite difficult to find in Japan, you can buy it at places like Nakano Broadway in the same stores that sell figurines and other anime goods!

“Aviator/Boogie Aroma” will be sold in 3 limited versions (Espacio, Mar, Tierra) and 1 regular version (Cielo). The Espacio version includes a 60-minute edit from their live “Mucho GUSTO Especia 2014 Tour -Viva Final Espacio Edit-“. The Mar version includes “Fukigen Rendezvous (PellyCollo Remix)” as a 3rd track. The Tierra version has an alternate version of “Aviator” as a bonus track. The Cielo version includes only “Aviator” and “Boogie Aroma” and their instrumentals.

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