E-girls Restructure Lineup and Launch Evolutionary New Project!

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E-girls Restructure Lineup and Launch Evolutionary New Project!

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E-girls announced several big changes via their official site effective June 5, 2017. In addition to the reduction of members from 19 to 11 and graduation of Dream Ami, a new girls entertainment project named was launched under the banner of E.G. EVOLUTION. includes E-girlsDream AmiDANCE EARTH PARTYHappinessFlowerShuuKaRen, and SUDANNAYUZUYULLY.



E-girls will continue as an 11-member group with SAYAKA, Kaede, Karen Fujii, YURINO, Anna, Suda, Reina Washio, Nozomi Bando, Harumi Sato, Anna Ishida, Nonoka Yamaguchi, and Yuzuna Takebe.



MIYUU and Ruri Kawamoto leave E-girls to concentrate on their activities with Happiness.



Shuuka Fujii, Manami Shigetomi, and Mio Nakajima leave E-girls to focus on their activities with Flower (and ShuuKaRen).



Ami graduates from Dream and E-girls to focus on her solo career as Dream Ami. Aya will retire from her role as a group leader and performer after E-girls LIVE 2017 E.G. EVOLUTION on July 16, 2017 and take on the duties of chief creative manager. Shizuka will leave E-girls and Dream to focus on her activities with DANCE EARTH PARTY after E-girls LIVE 2017 E.G. EVOLUTION on July 16, 2017.

Here is what the complete lineup of looks like.


Additionally, the artists of have many upcoming releases in the works for 2017:
DANCE EARTH PARTY new single “WAVE” (June 9)
Dream Ami new single “Kimi no Tonari” (July 12)
E-girls new single “Love☆Queen” (July 26)
SUDANNAYUZUYULLY new single “CALL ME NOW” (August 9)
Flower new single “Taiyou no Elegy” (August 23)
DANCE EARTH PARTY new single (August 30)
Dream Ami 1st album (September)
Happiness new single (September)
ShuuKaRen (Autumn 2017)

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