Things You’ll Miss about Japan after Living Here

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Things You’ll Miss about Japan after Living Here

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Living in Japan and returning to your home country is never easy especially when you grow to love the country and learn more about the culture and what it is like to live rather than visit. On this list, there are certain aspects or things of Japan that you will miss dearly and will wish were normal in your country too! 

Presentation of Food


The way food and drink is laid out in a set or there are replicas of what the food and drink looks like from either outside the restaurant and the accuracy of how the food or drink turns out on your plate is amazing. It comes from Japan’s way of perfection but when it is presented to you exactly how it is shown on the menu, it’ll  always impress people coming to Japan and continue to be a reason to miss living in Japan.

Service in Retail shops


Fashion shops in Japan always make you feel welcome with the shop assistants always ready to help you and give you information on the clothes you want to try on or buy. Some people might find it intimidating but the shop assistants mean well. They will praise the way it looks on you and if you’re not happy, they will suggest something that they think will suit you. You get actual customer service where you feel like you can come back and visit the store anytime!

Reliability of the train services


The trains aren’t always on time but 97% of the time, they are accurate and get you to your destination quicker than any train you’ve been on in another country. The trains are always checked thoroughly and cleaned in a certain amount of time to make sure passengers still have a great impression of Japan’s transportation.



It is not just a case of the streets and keeping the area clean, while living here you might have seen adopted the behaviour of  how Japanese people take care of their cleanliness. This includes washing your hands after entering your house, bringing a flannel with you for hot days or wiping your hands after using a public restroom. The presentation of clothes is important too as there is no detail gone unnoticed e.g messy ties, undone buttons and ribbons etc. That’s why the girls bathroom have makeup rooms and why they spend their time to look presentable.

WiFi on public transportation


Being from countries such as United Kingdom, WiFi in the subway is not as common as in Japan. Tokyo Metro stations and some of the Toei buses offer free WiFi which is very convenient. It’s always so good to know you have access to free connection when you are on the go especially if you are lost or searching for a place. 

Fairness and Organization


There are many reasons. Giving and receiving the right change is one thing that you might miss as the shop assistants will always show you how much exact money you are being given carefully in case of a mistake. Train etiquette is another as people wait for all passengers to get off before getting on and even while exiting the platform, walking the same side to avoid conflict with people is well thought out.

It’s usually quiet!


There is a never a noise level that you cannot tolerate whether it’s in a neighbourhood, restaurants or public transport. The loudest thing you might hear is children playing and shouting or the occasional conversation between friends or family. Noise is something that the Japanese try to avoid especially in suburban areas and going back to your hometown where it could be the exact opposite will be something you might dearly miss.

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