Twin Tail Association Japan’s drop Announce Major Debut!

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Twin Tail Association Japan’s drop Announce Major Debut!

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drop announced their major label debut during FORCE MUSIC LABEL PARTY at TSUTAYA-O-EAST on June 14, 2016. The group from Twin Tail Association Japan joins their “little sister” group Maneki Kecha, as well as Maboroshi Karen GeNE, CoverGirls, Alice in Alice, manaminorisa, ILoVU, and Shiina Pikarin on FORCE MUSIC.

As one of the groups in the event’s lineup, there was some expectation from fans but, there was still a loud shout of excitement when the surprising news was revealed. In response to their first single on FORCE MUSIC being released on August 16th, drop tossed aside their worries and proclaimed that they wanted to aim for getting a #1 ranking on the Oricon weekly chart.

Here are the members comments and goals in regards to the major debut.


Misato Misaki – “Even though I have a lot of doubts inside of me, thinking about things like the MV, and getting onto the Oricon chart, I’m getting really excited. I want to do my best to have more and more people come see us live.”


“I want to have a (promotional) tie-up with an anime. It’d be great to have our popularity go up with the anime.”



Hikari Takiguchi – “Getting a major debut, for the fans I wonder what it must be like (to hear the news). Everyone has doubts but, our feelings for going major were strong, and we came to this point with the help of our fans. As long as we’re going to go through with it, we might as well go all out and aim for the #1 Oricon weekly ranking!!”


“It’s a dream to appear on the Kouhaku Uta-Gassen, because I don’t think it’s something you can do without a major debut.”



Haruka Oba – “If we’re making our major debut, we have to appear on a music program! Because there have been a lot of chances for idols to appear lately, I want drop to be able to creep into the “ocha no ma” (family room, mainstream consciousness). I want to get the tissue box that they have for artists who appear on Music Station.”

メジャーデビューしたら音楽番組にぜひでたい。最近はアイドルさんも出る機会が多くなったと思うので、なんとかして drop もお茶の間に潜り込みたい。ミュージックステーションに出演して、番組の箱ティッシュが欲しいです!

I want us to go out into the world and be active as “World drop”! Because kawaii is popular all over the world, they should be open to drop’s worldview as well.

ワールドに進出して、ワールドロップに活躍したい! カワイイは世界に通用するので、 drop の世界観も受け入れてもらえるはず。


Runa Koizumi – “It’s been 2 months since I joined drop so, I’m happy to have the dream of making a major debut decided so suddenly. I would like everyone in the world to hear our CD.”

私は drop に入って2ヶ月なんですが、夢だったメジャデビューがさっそく決まって嬉しいです。世の中のひとりひとりにCDを受け取ってもらえたら。

“I want to perform at the Budokan!”



Mai Kohinata – It’s also been 2 months since I joined but, every day has been full of new experiences so I’m really excited. Most of all, having a major debut decided, I’m most happy thinking about there will be CDs with my voice on them in shops all across Japan. I’ll be happy to have a lot more people learn about drop and get our CD even if it’s just one person more.

私も加入して2ヶ月ですが、初めてのことだらけで毎日がワクワクしています。そんな中でメジャーデビューが決まって、自分の声がCDになって全国のお店に並ぶと思うと嬉しい。 drop をたくさんの人に知ってもらって、ひとりでも多くの人にCDを手にとっていただけたら。

“I also want to appear on music programs like Music Station. At any rate, I want to be seen on television!”



drop will be returning to TSUTAYA-O-EAST on July 4th to celebrate their second anniversary. With all the attention they have received since their formation in 2014, drop has finally been recognized for their efforts. Don’t take your eyes off of them as they march towards their dreams!

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drop 2nd Anniversary LIVE
July 4, 2016 (Monday)
TSUTAYA-O-EAST, 2-14-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Open: 5:00pm Start: 7:00pm
S Ticket (limit 60, includes T-shirt, etc.): 12,000 yen General: 2,000 yen

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