Rino Sashihara Won #1 on AKB48 Sousenkyo 2016 : New “Kami 7” & Senbatsu Members Confirmed

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Rino Sashihara Won #1 on AKB48 Sousenkyo 2016 : New “Kami 7” & Senbatsu Members Confirmed

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One of the annual biggest events of AKB48 group, Senbatsu Sousenkyo 2016 was held at Hard Off Eco Stadium Niigata on June 18, 2016.

Rino Sashihara made new history on AKB48 group Sousenkyo, winning #1 for two years in a row. Mayu Watanabe and Rino Sashihara were separated by only 907 votes on the preliminary results announced on June 1st, but Mayu could not won out! Here are the final results for the next senbatsu members, including “Kami 7” of 2016’s Sousenkyo!


#1 : Rino Sashihara

Vote : 243,011

In the beginning of the speech, she wished the audience to accept that she got #1. She believed that her personality was different from Mayu or Yuki, but thanked her fans for managing to follow her.

She asked the audience to say her “Omedetou” (congratulation) from the bottom of their heart, and the audience shouted it back loudly.

She concluded her speech, “I haven’t said it to anyone as it feels like awkward, but my rival is Mayu”.

#2 : Mayu Watanabe

AKB48 Team B
Vote : 175,613

She was honest to say “Kuyashii!” (How frustrating!) soon after she got on the stage. She said she felt she could not over “The wall” (Sashihara wall). She was #1 at the preliminary results announced on June 1st, but she could not won out.

She straightly said that AKB48 was in serious situation as many legendary Senpai graduated. But to keep AKB48 groups to be loved by everyone for long years, she said she would make efforts for that. She also gave advice to her kouhai, “Don’t forget to show gratitude to your fans” intensely.

# 3 : Jurina Matsui

SKE48 Team S
Vote : 112,341

She appeared on the stage with big smile. She thought she tried her best in this year, but showed frustration as well. She received that #3 meant that she could go up more. She confessed that her next dream was to get #1 on the next Sousenkyo, when she would be turning 20 years old. She declared “I will not graduate until 5 years from now!”. She showed her strong love for SKE48, and claimed SKE48 to be the best group among 48 groups.


# 4 : Sayaka Yamamoto

NMB48 Team N
Vote : 111,411

She said she was #6 two years in a row, so she was happy to get a higher rank and more votes than the last two years. About Sousenkyo, she could feel a lot of love from her fans, using the trend word “You’re my amore”. (*The famous football player Nagatomo called his girlfriend “amore” which caused internet buzz in Japan)  She promised to return the love with her performance for the fans. She concluded her speech with, “Minna, Amore!” (=I love you all) and made the audience laugh.


# 5 : Yuki Kashiwagi

AKB48 Team B / NGT48 Team N III
Vote : 92,110

She was showing smile all the time during her speech. She confessed that she was thinking about not participating this year’s Sousenkyo, but as the venue was confirmed as Niigata, she decided to join it, as she had been supported by a lot of fans in Niigata. She said that Sousenkyo was bad for the heart but made her very strong. She said she wanted to mutually enhance each other, even with her Kouhai. She was #2 last year, but she did not show her tears at all. She even said she was not shocked about the result at all, as it showed that AKB48 group had been developing.


# 6 : Sakura Miyawaki

HKT48 Team KIV
Vote : 78,279

She couldn’t stop crying during the speech because she wanted to be in top 5. She commented that she didn’t know she was doing right things or not, but her fans made her realized that she could be confident. She asked “Is it okay for me to aim for #1 next year?” to the audience and they shouted back loudly “Sure!!!!!!!!!” (Iiyo!!!!!!!!!!). It seemed that she was very frustrated with the result.


# 7 : Akari Suda

SKE48 Team E
Vote : 69,159

She missed to join Senbatsu last year with #18, but could come back to here again! She didn’t cry at the speech and commented the reason was the result was what you have done, how much made effort, and how much you could established the relationships with your fans.




The top 16 members can be senbatsu for upcoming AKB48’s 45th single. With the graduation of Minami Takahashi (AKB48) and Sae Miyazawa (SKE48) this year and the abstentions of Aya Shibata (SKE48), Kaori Matsumura (SKE48), it seems the ranks has changed since last year.

Here are the result of #8~#16.

# 8 : Haruka Shimazaki

AKB48 Team A
Vote : 68,126

She announced that this would be the last time to participate Sousenkyo , as she got more activities as actor . She confessed that she was thinking about her graduation, but Yui Yokoyama stopped her not to graduate now. She said she thought this year would be a challenging year for her to face herself. She made the audience laugh about advertising the movie she would be starred.


# 9 : Haruka Kodama

HKT48 Team H/ AKB48 Team K
Vote : 60,591

She said she had missed many chances and finally could join Senbatsu, and very pleased to the result. (She was #17 last year)


# 10 : Tomu Mutou

AKB48 Team K
Vote : 58,624

She said she’s simply super happy being #10, although she was just surprised and few words to say last year when she got #16 unexpectedly. She also mentioned she wanted to lead the second chapter of AKB48. She promised that she will be one of the main members representing AKB48 from now on.


# 11 : Yui Yokoyama

AKB48 Team A
Vote : 58,610

Yui Yokoyama is currently the general manager of AKB48 group, after ex general manager Minami Takahashi graduated. She confessed her real feeling about the pressure of being the general manager, but could survived it as her fans supported her.


# 12 : Rie Kitahara

Vote : 50,190

She commented she’s proud of being #12 at this Sousenkyo, as this time the even was held at Niigata. She said she felt Niigata as her second home strongly. She feels NGT48 members as family, and decides make them happier. Her speech made all the other NGT48 cry.


# 13 : Mion Mukaichi

AKB48 Team K
Vote : 47,094

She is taking the center position on the latest single “Tsubasa wa Iranai”. She commented she has nothing special to proud of herself, but she’s proud of her fans and love of AKB48. She talked about her tough period back in junior high school but AKB48 had changed her. She said she wanted to be such a person who can make people positive as a next chapter.

# 14 : Nana Okada

AKB48 Team 4
Vote : 43,318

She made a big jump from 29th to 14th this year. She commented the reason of her short hiatus was hypoglycemic symptom and eating disorder because of it. She thanked her fans who supported her no matter what situations she’s in. 


# 15 : Juri Takahashi

AKB Team 4
Vote : 40, 648

She is the leader of AKB48 team 4, and expected to be the next generation’s general manager. It is the first time for her to join Senbatsu members. She commented that she wanted to make this as a star.


# 16 : Nyan Nyan Kamen (Haruna Kojima)

AKB48 ?
Vote : 40,071

Nyan Nyan Kamen revealed that it was “Haruna Kojima”, although everyone was aware of it. She didn’t participate Sousenkyo last two years, but there was a reason. She was thinking about  graduating at this timing, and announced her graduation finally. The details including the date was not confirmed, but she commented she won’t drag it out like how Takamina did.

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