Hikari Takiguchi and Misato Misaki to Drop Out of drop in November.

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Hikari Takiguchi and Misato Misaki to Drop Out of drop in November.

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On August 25, 2017 Hikari Takiguchi  (22) and Misato Misaki  (22) announced that they will graduate from drop during the group’s upcoming live at Differ Ariake on November 11th.


Hikari mentioned in a tweet that she realized herself being anxious about her current situation, whether it is alright to keep depending on the other members and being satisfied with herself. Showing gratitude towards her fans, she concluded “Hikari Takiguchi will graduate.  Please send me off with a smile”.


In Misaki’s tweet, she comments: “I have had both brilliant experiences and conflicts during by time in drop. Getting first place on the Oricon , holding lives at Makuhari Messe and performing at Tokyo Idol Festival…these 3 years were such a life-changing experience to me.”  “Throughout these experiences, I also had the chance to draw illustrations and compose songs.  I want to continue to challenge various fields. In order to do that, I still have very poor knowledge and technique, so I want to put more time to study in order to fullfill my dreams.

drop is a group established by  Twin Tail Association Japan, and Hikari Takiguchi was popular for being known as the “beautiful girl that only comes once in 2,000 years”.
More details about their last live in November will be announced later.

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