Taste Moga Mogami’s Delicious “Poison” in Her New Photobook

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Taste Moga Mogami’s Delicious “Poison” in Her New Photobook

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Moga Mogami from will be releasing her 2nd photobook titled “ Artbook(1) Poison” on October 24th. (Poison : read “puazon”)

The photobook was created under the star creative team.World famous photographer Leslie Kee released the shutter on all the sexy scenes of’s “golden haired nonconformist”, and a stylist Tetsuro Nagase designed the original outfits for Moga with the concept of Neo-futuristic Tokyo. The cover art is directed by an art director Noriyuki Tanaka.

The title “Poison” has double meaning, “Poison” (English) and “Poisson” (Fish / French).

The photobook will be released in a compact palmtop size, keeping with the concept of providing art appreciation in a handheld format.
Furthermore, the other member’s photobook will be released about every month after Moga’s one released. So stay tuned!

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