Schoolgirl Singer DAOKO Will Release Major Debut Album and Unveils MV for Leading Track “Suisei”

Schoolgirl Singer DAOKO Will Release Major Debut Album and Unveils MV for Leading Track “Suisei”

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Schoolgirl singer DAOKO will make her major debut on the label TOY’S FACTORY. Her first major release, entitled DAOKO, will be released on March 25th.

Two editions of the album, a first press and regular press, will be available, and the first press edition will include an indies best release compilation disc of her 12 past songs.

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Furthermore, on DAOKO’s official site, the video clip to the leading track of the album, “Suisei”(Mercury), can also be viewed. This number is a song by tofubeats, arranged from DAOKO’s own perspective. The MV was produced by Yutaka Kimura (Central67), who has also had a hand in the MV and CD jacket design of several artists such as Sheena Ringo and Kaela Kimura, and features DAOKO’s hand-typed lyrics displayed across street vision and train electronic bulletin boards, set to different cuts of scenes from the Tokyo area.

DAOKO’s talent even caught the eye of up and coming film director Tetsuya Nakajima, and her song “Fog” was selected as part of the background music for the 2014 film release of Kawaki. That same year in November, her music was also featured in a short film series “Japan Anima(tor) Exhibition”, supervised by Hideaki Anno of Studio Khara.

It’s as if DAOKO suddenly appeared out of nowhere like a comet. At only 17 years old, everyone is looking forward to seeing what kind of activities she pursues.

Track List
02.Kakete Ageru
03.Ichiban Hoshi
04.Yume Utsutsu
05.Ryuusei Toshi
11.Naimono Nedari
12.Takai Kabe ni wa Ikusen no Door


daoko / daoko

daoko / daoko

DAOKO Official Site :

Translated by Jamie Koide

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