Performing at Budokan is the Goal for Idols? The Curse of Nippon Budokan and Negicco’s Declaration

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Performing at Budokan is the Goal for Idols? The Curse of Nippon Budokan and Negicco’s  Declaration

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Nippon Budokan is one of the most famous concert venues in Japan. It is often referred to as the Holy Land of Rock, and is considered to be a venue that is representative of Japan. It would not be over exaggerated to state that almost every idol has dreamed of standing on this venue’s stage at least once.

9nine Budokan Live

9nine Budokan Live

BiS, the legendary anti-idol idol group, aimed to hold a concert at the venue as a goal of their project, though the group failed due to its extreme activities like the MV ”My Ixxx”. It goes without saying that the author got happy when hearing the news that BiS began the 2nd chapter.

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As explained in this article, there exists the shift in regular live house venues. The more famous idols become, the larger the venues they perform become. Idols often speak of Budokan as their highest peak in the shift. Seeing idols being emotional at the venue, it would be sure that the venue means special to them, to say nothing of their fans. The existence of the venue would help idols to keep motivation high in part, yet it can also cause distress to them.

Nao☆ from Negicco in the concert at Hibiya Yagai Dai Ongakudo in August 2015, thanked their fans to bring them to the concert venue where they even could not dream of at first. Also, she added that a dream comes true as one mentions it and declared to stand on the stage of Budokan next year

After the declaration, Negicco achieved successes and gained huge popularity as they held a concert at NHK hall whose capacity is over 3,500 people on July 30th. The huge number of their fans rushed into the concert in order to hear “the good news”, yet what they heard was unexpected but positive statement.

Nao☆ confessed that Negicco realized the difficulties to hold a concert at the venue where they dreamed of for now. She added that the group has advanced step by step and achieved successes and she would like to keep the pace. She again declared that when the time she really thinks to stand on the stage, she wants to share joys with her fans. The venue was surrounded by huge applause and cheers.


A considerable amount of time has passed since the rush of idol war era and it seems to to have calmed down compared to when its momentum had reached its peak. Not being left behind the scene, many idols have recently challenged the larger venues such as Zepp Tokyo and Zepp DiverCity and the result is often misery.

The audience also can be in charge of what drives idols into a wild scheme in part. It is natural that the fans expect idols to get more popular and shine in the greater stage. However, that expectation might become fetters and lead them into wrong direction. I understand of course that this sense of distance is extraordinarily delicate.

Nao☆’s declaration on this year seems very realistic. Something like an idol should have shown only its surgical brilliant aspects, yet Negicco looks for the future, not being confused by the trend. I simply praise their confession to be Negicco in the far future. This might be the way of surviving the idol war era and the days after the era.


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