Clef Leaf is about to Make Their Major Debut with “Evergreen”

Clef Leaf メジャーデビュー直前記者会見:オリコン20位以内でラムちゃん衣装でのライブを公約
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Clef Leaf is about to Make Their Major Debut with “Evergreen”

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With their major debut close at hand, Clef Leaf, the second group to debut from Nippon Columbia’s idol label, “Label The Garden,” held a press conference today, Friday, March 4th, broadcast live on KawaiianTV’s program, “Columbia Idol Ikusei Variety14☆Shoujo Funtouki! ~Flower Notes & Clef Leaf bloom in spring~”, where they discussed their excitement for their debut, now only a few days away.


When a video that reflected on Clef Leaf’s journey until now started playing, the members, who have been with the label since its beginning, began to tear up.

“There are so many areas in which Clef Leaf must grow from now on. We want to work while focusing on perfecting our performances”, said Miyabi Sakashita, the youngest member of the group. Leader Izumi Kamiya, had a stoic approach. “We have to grow even if it’s by a little a day. So we want to push ourselves to the very end”, she said.


Each member shared their goals and ambitions. Nana Yukishige, who was the last to speak, shared her future vision. ” I love performing live. Hopefully we can raise our level and become a group who can entertain our audiences.” she said.

When asked in what areas they are doing better than “Flower Notes”, who belongs to the same label and made their major debut before Clef Leaf, the group answered “our closeness, our energy when addressing the audience, our teamwork, our neatness and cleanliness (?), and how much water we drink after our shows”. Through these answers (some of which were suggestive) the contrast in character between the two groups became apparent.


Towards the end, a reporter asked the group where they aspired to place on the Oricon charts and what their public pledge would be. All together, they answered “30th place”. When told by the host that they should aim higher, they changed their answer to “20th place”.
As for their public pledge, it was decided they would dress up as Ramu-chan and perform. This was a suggestion made during the program.The group showed hesitation towards this decision.

Clef Leaf’s debut song “Evergreen” will go on sale on March 8th (Wednesday). The message of this encouraging song is that overcoming a hardship, whatever it may be, will have have some kind of meaningful impact on your life. We look forward to this new song, as well as the group’s growth and how they will deliver this message to their audience.


■ Clef Leaf’s Major debut song “Evergreen”

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