Chu-Z Show off Their Feminine Side in the MV for “Hana no Arch”!

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Chu-Z Show off Their Feminine Side in the MV for “Hana no Arch”!

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Girls’ dance and vocal group Chu-Z revealed the MV for “Hana no Arch”, one of the two songs on their upcoming double A-side single “Hana no Arch/Brand Boy” (release date: February 11).

The video was first revealed to fans during their January 3rd solo concert at Shinagawa Club eX. Fans received pinhole sunglasses with “Chu-Z” printed on them as they entered the venue and wore them during the filming for the video for “Brand Boy” which took place at the event.

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“Hana no Arch” is a continuation of a seasonal arch begun in the winter with “Direct to U” which was the coupling song for “BomBastic!” (release date: October 1, 2014). The video opens with KANA dancing barefoot on the lawn of a mansion wearing a white dress and is filled with images of spring. Of particular note is the girly appearance of KAEDE (aka “DenDen”), the tomboyish member of the group. Fans at Shinagawa Club eX were audibly pleased when they saw the cute feminine side of the member who is usually wearing baseball hats and making intense faces while performing. Even though spring is a few months away, the MV for “Hana no Arch” is sunny and refreshing.

“Hana no Arch/Brand Boy” comes in three different versions. Type-A features KANA on the front and Maia on the back, Type-B features ASUKA on the front and LUNA on the back, and Type-C features MIKU on the front and KAEDE on the back. Also going on sale on February 11th is the DVD for “Chu-Z My Live 2014~Chu-Z Train Shinagawa Stellar Ball ni Teisha Chu~”, their first solo concert which was held on October 5, 2014.

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Hana no Arch / Brand Boy [Type-A] / Chu-Z

Hana no Arch / Brand Boy [Type-B] / Chu-Z

Hana no Arch / Brand Boy [Type-C] / Chu-Z

Chu-Z My Live 2014 - Chu-Z Train Shinagawa Stellar Ball ni Teisha Chu - / Chu-Z

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