Chiai Fujikawa to Graduate from Maneki Kecak

Chiai Fujikawa to Graduate from Maneki Kecak

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Maneki Kecak‘s Chiai Fujikawa announced her graduation from the group on August 25, 2018 during their one-man live “Natsu no Yaon de Maneki Kecak” at Hibiya Park’s Yagai Ongakudo (Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall; Yaon for short).

Her last performance will be on September 24, at Maneki Kecak’s 3rd anniversary concert “Nippon Budokan de Maneki Kecak”. Fujikawa plans to remain active as a solo artist after she graduates.

Chiai Fujikawa’s comment:

“I, Chiai Fujikawa of Maneki Kecak, will graduate on September 24 at Nippon Budokan. To all the fans, supporters, staff and members who accepted my decision, thank you so much for everything up till now.

My dream of becoming a singer began when I was 3 years old. When I was working at a factory after graduating from high school, I was approached to become an idol and debuted as a member of Maneki Kecak.

I was given the role of lead vocal in Maneki Kecak, and for three years was absorbed in my own dreams as I worked to get to this point. With the support of the fans I could stand on this amazing stage, until we were finally given the opportunity of our dreams to perform in Nippon Budokan.

I’m extremely grateful and happy.

Even so, ever since my debut the desire at the bottom of my heart to sing, to be heard and to achieve victory with my voice only grow stronger and stronger. After worrying about it, I decided to pursue that path and made the decision to graduate.

There are people who praise my singing. To me, they are the source of my strength to this very day. Thank you so much.

My singing still has many flaws and areas I lack in.

I want to work even harder and grow as both a person and a singer so that many people will listen to Chiai Fujikawa’s song. That’s where my heart is right now.

I wasn’t able to achieve my dream of standing on stage at Kouhaku Uta Gassen during my time in Maneki Kecak, but someday I hope I can perform as a solo artist together with Maneki Kecak. There’d be no greater honor.

For the remaining month until the Nippon Budokan concert, I will deliver the best singing I can possibly give as a member of Maneki Kecak. Thank you sincerely.

Chiai Fujikawa from Maneki Kecak”

Nippon Budokan de Maneki Kecak
September 24, 2018
Start-4:00pm Open-5:00pm
Nippon Budokan (Tokyo)

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