Visual Book CHEERZ BOOK Vol.1, from CHEERZ, the App for Showing Support for Your Favorite Idols, on Sale!

Visual Book CHEERZ BOOK Vol.1, from CHEERZ, the App for Showing Support for Your Favorite Idols, on Sale!

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CHEERZ is a user interaction based application for fans to show idols their support. The app was initiated by Fogg Co., Ltd. last year at the beginning of December. Starting March 14th CHEERZ BOOK Vol.1, as a companion to the app, will hit bookstores and convenience stores nationwide, and also be available on Amazon!

CHEERZ BOOK will include snapshots of top five monthly ranking idols from the CHEERZ app, with number one ranking idols gracing each book’s cover.

Here is the short promotion video!

Contributor Wanted!!

Snapshots of the top ranking 1-3 will be taken by Maki Taguchi, who has experience working shooting magazines, CD jackets, idols, and gravure. Erika Iida, a female photographer who previously worked with still photography, and on the Shortcut Promotion Committee photo book LIFE is SHORT, and the movie Sekai no Owari no Izu Koneko, will shoot photographs of idols ranked 4 and 5.


In addition, Design Studio MIRROR, who has helped with music, fashion, and other areas of design, will be in charge of the book’s layout.

CHEERZ BOOK Vol. 1 features Mai Kotone on the cover, with snapshots of Mai Kotone, Shirai (Jyu Jyu), Hikari Takiguchi (drop), Saori Itayama (Luce Twinkle Wink☆), and Neu (Jyu Jyu).

Enclosed with each volume of CHEERZ BOOK are tickets to participate in present drawings for signed idol polaroids and polaroids taken by CHEERZ BOOK photographer Maki Taguchi. There are also other exclusives for purchasers, too!

CHEERZ BOOK was strives to “draw a new side out of idols” and be “a cool read for girls, too!”

We anticipate that everyone, even girls, will want to get their hands on CHEERZ BOOK! Be sure to check it out!

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Written by Jamie Koide

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