Party Hard! Cheeky Parade Get Turnt Up in the MV for “Colorful Starlight”!

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Party Hard! Cheeky Parade Get Turnt Up in the MV for “Colorful Starlight”!

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Cheeky Parade has revealed the wild and crazy MV for “Colorful Starlight”! It is the second song from their upcoming double A-side single “M.O.N.ST@R/Colorful Starlight” (release date: July 15)!

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Set in a very expensive-looking studio, the members of Cheeky Parade take advantage of being left alone as they tear through the place in a rambunctious and playful manner. Kicking up their feet with feathered fans from the height of Japan’s economic bubble (before any of the members were born), confetti and food fly through the air as Cheeky Parade leaves a long trail of destruction behind them. Asami Watanabe throws a bowl of popcorn in the air and Mariya Suzuki sprinkles gummy bears on a roulette wheel before falling victim to a surprise attack by Marin Yamamoto with a bowl of candy! “Colorful Starlight” is bursting with the chaotic and animated individuality that has made Cheeky Parade one of the attention-getting groups in the Japanese music scene.

“M.O.N.ST@R/Colorful Starlight” will be released in 3 versions: a CD/Blu-ray version, a HMV exclusive version and a mumo exclusive version. The Blu-ray will include a live performance of “M.O.N.ST@R”. The HMV version will include a 3rd song titled “Glory Days” and the mumo version includes the instrumentals for “M.O.N.ST@R” and “Colorful Starlight”. Here is what the artwork for all 3 versions looks like.

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M.O.N.ST@R / Cheeky Parade

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Cheeky Parade Official site (English):

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