Comment Video & Interview with Stand-Up! Hearts from Japan Expo 2015 in Paris!

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Comment Video & Interview with Stand-Up! Hearts from Japan Expo 2015 in Paris!

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Here is the Tokyo Girls’ Update’s comment video from an idol group Stand-Up! Hearts at Japan Expo 2015 in Paris! They are all still idol kenkyuusei (trainee) and haven’t sell CD yet. In that sense they’re not experienced a lot but fought hard here at Japan Expo! We also had interview with them, so don’t miss it too!

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All:We are Sparkly idle research students, the plural form of a heart, Stand-Up! Hearts.

-Could you please introduce yourself one by one?

Kotone:I’m Hearts’ Little Snow White, Kotone Uchida a.k.a. Koto-Nee.
Yuno:I’m Hearts’ child, Yuno Yurano.

Yuyu:I’m Yuyu Arata a.k.a Yuyushimu.
Mashiro:I’m Mashiro Suzukawa a.k.a. Mashitan.
Kazune:I’m Kazune Manami a.k.a. Manamii.
Karin:I’m Karin Ochi. Everyone calls me Ochi.
-Could you please tell me what you usually do?

Mashiro:Stand-Up! Hearts are research students from Stand-Up Records, the idol rebel. We are the sister group of Afilia Saga and usually have live events mainly in Tokyo but as we went to Nagoya, we work hard to be able to go everywhere. Also we’re also active on internet like mobile app CHEERZ and live streaming service SHOWROOM.

-I have heard that you usually have lives in Tokyo. However, I want to hear the impression by coming from Tokyo to France. I at first want to hear the impression of JAPAN EXPO except for the live because I guess you have not been to such the place like gaming and cosplay.

Mashiro:When we arrived and saw the JAPAN EXPO at first, many things that Japanese culture is featured like anime and games rose our spirits. We took a lot of pictures and the quality of cosplay is surprisingly high.

-Do you like animation, cosplay and so on ?

All:We love them!

Kazune:I am actually a cosplayed and the cosplayers here are truly good at molding design as the volume of wings is great and quality of reappearance is very high. It was my true dream to come to JAPAN EXPO, so I was very glad to come. I was happy as one of otakus.

-Who was the best cosplayed you have seen at JAPAN EXPO? Or was there any character which made you happy?

Kazune:I just glanced at them on the move, the group of One Piece was great. Even their body was well trained enough.

Yuyu:I have the strong image like anime, game, two dimension in Japan Expo and I have seen it on TV. So I wanted to go to it, take photos of cosplayers and travel around there, so I have never thought that we would have the stage there. I am very happy to be here.

-So, you have already known Japan Expo.

All:Yes we have known this.

-Great.You all know anime and idol very well.

Yuno:We are all otaku and JAPAN EXPO is the dream place.

-By the way, in what way, are you otaku?

Yuno:Everyone differs in otaku’ genre. I am the gamer, so I like games.

Mashiro:I love wrestling, especially World Wrestling Entertainment. I once loved World Wrestling Federation most but now watch WWE.

Yuno:These two are familiar to wrestling. I do not like wrestling in overseas but I like Japanese wrestling.

Mashiro:I like only wrestling in overseas. I love the muscles around the neck, especially sternocleidomastoid muscle and trapezius muscle. There were many people who trained very well, so I was happy to see them.
-Thank you very much. On the other hand, how was the first live in overseas?

Karin:I was very afraid at first but after I stood at the stage, fans talked to me in Japanese and got to be glad to hear that. Fans got more excited and tried to copy our dance with each live performance. Even though the live performance is very fun, we have left only a few lives so I want to remember all lives.

Mashiro:It was happy to see French otakus with doing wota-gei and wearing happi coat. Thank you very much for this, I felt that we and the audience were united.

Karin:I felt great affinity and happy and comfortable from the beginning to the last.

-I was moved to see that many fans were gathered in front of the stage, especially it’s weekend day today.

-Let’s move on to another topic. You may not be able to go outside like sightseeing in Paris and France, how is the impression to come to France?

Mashiro:We went to Champs-Elysees and there was very wide banquette as well as carriage way.

Yuyu:The buildings are cute and beautiful.There are many red-colored buildings and we made merry with seeing the original store which can be seen in Japan. We were taking photos all the time. As it is said that the town itself is an art, so it was great to see it directly. As it is said that the town itself is an art, so it was great to see it directly.

Karin:The food was delicious and common mussel tasted great.

Yuyu:We had a hard time with a vending machine.

Yuno:It did not accept the bill and took time, and we all got panicked and people lined after us.

Yuyu:When I walked normally, I was talked to by cute French girl and she said that she loves Japan!

Yuno:We could know that French really love us.

-In this time, you came to France, so is there any country or city you want to go by events or lives?

Kotone :I want to go New York. Cheeky Parade had oversea performance at NY broad way. That’s so cool.

-So, one day the one-man live performance at NY?

All:We want to do! It will be my pleasure to stand the stage! Let’s do our best!

-Thank you. What is your current goal regardless of Japan and overseas?

Karin:Although we stood the stage on the JAPAN EXPO, we have not released the CD yet. We came to think to release the CD and debut more and more.

-So, Japanese fans also look forward to waiting the CD and basically fans can only listen to you only in lives.

-Lastly, could you please give those who see our site the message?

Mashiro:We, Stand-Up! Hearts, we continue to work on so as to go to the country where you are now, so please support us!


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Video by Jonathan Fortuné
Photo by Nathan Gey
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