Cheeky Parade Interviews the Designer of Unique World Idol, Hello Kitty

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Cheeky Parade Interviews the Designer of Unique World Idol, Hello Kitty

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It became a popular topic that an idol group Cheeky Parade interviewed with a designer of a character in the news as being not a cat, Hello Kitty!img-cheeky-parade-hellokitty-02

Cheeky Parade is going to have concert at N.Y. in October as their final destination of concert tour, and for preparing such a big event, they have started an interview project “The N.Y. concert is coming up, so Cheeky Parade will ask for advice about expanding overseas from seniors!! We should learn Japanese culture!”. In this project, members of Cheeky Parade become reporters, and interview famous people who are active around the world.

As the first step, the leader Yuna Sekine, Yuriya Suzuki, and Mariya Suzuki have covered Yuko Yamaguchi, a designer of a globally loved character Hello Kitty. Here is the interview below.


Yuna: We Cheeky Parade are going to have a concert at N.Y. in this October, so launched a project to make interview with people who knock about all over the world. Today, we want to hear a lot from Yamaguchi-san. Nice to meet you.

Yamaguchi : Nice to meet you, too.

Yuna : Why did you choose this career, as a designer?

Yamaguchi: When I was a second year middle school student, my old teacher said “Do what you want in the future”, then I thought I wanted to be a designer because I loved designing.

Yuna: How much have you designed since you became a designer?

Yamaguchi: It’s huge quantity so that I cannot remember (laughs). Signature, too. I think the number of the signature I wrote is equal to the number of communications with fans, so I wrote a lot.

Yuriya: What was the most challenging designs in the past?img-cheeky-parade-hellokitty-04

Yamaguchi: The one with leopard and scull. In 1980’s, these patters were not so popular and people said that wouldn’t match with Hello Kitty. However, the fans had requested for that quite often, and I challenged and made the products with the patterns.

Yuna: I think Hello Kitty represents Japanese culture today, as various kinds of Regional Hello Kitty (Gotochi Kitty) exist all over the Japan. How do you feel when you happen to see Hello Kitty around?

Yamaguchi: In the early days, only girls were wearing Hello Kitty. But I think, it has been changing recently. So I wanted to challenge Hello Kitty for boys. I think it is good timing to do it now. You should keep on challenging, it is same to entertainment world, isn’t it?

Yuna:Yes, I see. It was informative. By the way, Cheeky Parade has an official character called Cheekiss. Could give us some advice to make Cheekiss more popular?

Yamaguchi: Cheekiss is missing her/him (?) body. So firstly, create the body and animate it. Secondly, create a story. I mean, decided every small settings, like even the blood type. And it might be good to create the story with your fans, as Hello Kitty became popular in such a way.

Mariya: Have you ever thought of giving up?

Yamaguchi: Never. I was too desperate and such kind of thoughts never crossed my mind. Striving never makes me lonely.

Yuna & Yuriya & Mariya: You’re awesome….!

Sekine: By the way, we have been appointed as Japan Pop culture OKAIMONO (shopping) ambassador recently! I think Hello Kitty will suit this project. What are your favourite Kitty products that collaborated with Japanese traditional culture?

Yamaguchi: The one collaborated with Kimono and Yukata, I think. These are unique to Japan, so very welcomed as gifts.img-cheeky-parade-hellokitty-03

Yuriya: So, this will be a direct question though, what is the best point of Hello Kitty?

Yamaguchi: It is that Hello Kitty can be dyed in your color. Hello Kitty is like a white canvas, and you can choose your favorite one.

Yuriya: I want to collaborate with Hello Kitty in the future! I will make effort until that day.

Yamaguchi: Good. Please animate Kitty with Yuriya’s soul.

Yuna: Lastly, what is the key to success throughout the world?

Yamaguchi: I don’t think we are successful all over the world yet. I think we’re just on the start line now, so wondering whether we should do handing out flyers or not.

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