Welcome to the Sanrio World and Join the Parade with Your Chanrio!

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Welcome to the Sanrio World and Join the Parade with Your Chanrio!

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Here’s a 411 on the hottest topic among girls in Japan! Sanrio released a new service called Chanrio.


Through this service, you can make a character that looks exactly like you. After you create your Chanrio, you can join a special virtual parade with other Sanrio characters which is the new attraction at Sanrio Puro Land. Creating you Chanrio is very simple. You first choose between creating form scratch or uploading a photo. If you choose the upload, the system will automatically create a Chanrio that looks exactly like you!

This announcement was made on July 15th at Sanrio Puro Land with MyMelody and PomuPomu Purin along with a special guest, Miori Ichikawa(NMB48).
She was very excited and commented, “I’m really happy to be able to collaborate with Sanrio! I wish I could always be between my favorite characters!”


This Chanrio maker has become very popular and already 2500000 people had used the service the day after the release. It is already popular within the AKB48 group and Miori also talked about how it would be wonderful if they could all join the virtual parade with their Chanrios and even collaborate to have a live stage together.



Here are some examples along with their real pictures!



Shioringo (Bandjanaimon!) chanrio-sanrio-puro-08


Rio Hiiragi (*Her Chanrio was made by her fan) rio-hiiragi-Je2015-interview-02


Yuko Oshima (*Her Chanrio was made by her friend Kayo Sato)chanrio-sanrio-puro-07

かよが作った Yuko-chanrio❤️ #chanrio @satokayo1226

A photo posted by @yuk00shima on


Making your own Chanrio is very easy! Simply go to the site first.



Click Start.


Then Choose between Edit mode and Photo mode.

In Edit mode, you make your Chanrio from scratch. You get to choose the shape of the face, hairstyle, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth, clothes and accessories.

In Photo mode you either take a photo or upload one and it automatically creates you Chanrio. I’ve tried making mine a few times but it looked nothing like me (laughs). So if you want to make one that looks exactly like you, the best would be to have someone make one for you.

chanrio-sanrio-puro-12 chanrio-sanrio-puro-11

Try making yourself, of your favorite idol and share it with your friends! Join the world of Sanrio with everybody!

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